Groundhog Day

Great Movie

Groundhog day


A classic of the genre.



Only the fact that it is underrated.

Full Review

If there is a movie that is appropriate to any moment, and for any age, it's this movie with Bill Murray and Andy Macdowell with the name of "Groundhog day"!

It is more than its romantic comedy category says because the profound philosofy behind the funny story!

At a first view we found the two main characters of the film, one is the role of Murray, a journalist that has more ambitions than his current position and he received the mission of make a report of the event known as "Groundhog day". This is about that interesting animal who can "foresee" if the winter will finish or not or something like that.

The other character is played by Andy Macdowell that is also a journalist in the same work, but the trivial things finish here because she will represent the ideal woman to any man and wil be the goal of the protagonist of the movie.

The show really starts when the day of Murray's character is suddenly repeating and reapeting again and again,...! Situation by situation, making the movie some strange by a moment but always very funny, the magic of the cinema!

This issue drived him almost to the madness, but he overcame all and learned how to live with that, taking advantages of the experiences already lived many times in the story.

The curse was in fact a bless to him until...

In the middle of the movie he decided that was time of "taking advantage" of the other protagonist made by Andy but something went wrong! The only day he had was not enough to seduce a girl that is very superior to the many others he got before her!

He again became depressed "almost" to insanity (making many amusing things) until he did find the moral message of the movie:

"It's necessary to make a new day!"

How he did this I will let you discover by watching this masterpice of the entertainment!

What I can say more about this movie is that it is a metaphor of the real life with a message of hope in a good comedy with a good romance.

In Closing

In this movie the other people in fact are also living the same day but the protagonist is the only one that perceived this issue, and some people in the audience , I believe so!.

There are movies that make us better, "Groundhog day" is one of them!

Enjoy it!