I love how this Christian hip hop band keeps evolving and reinventing their identity with every album that they release.  They are like musical Picassos for the twenty-first century Christian.  This second album release is called “Ordinary Dreamers” and contains a lot of old-school flavor mixed with good old-fashioned hip-hop lyrics, not to mention a current or relevant message of faith. 

I have many favorite tracks on this CD, which boasts 14 fabulous songs on it.  “Movin’” is a single that I can turn the volume up while driving in my car, letting the both the bass and the melody take me on a trip that I will never forget.  The lyrics are so inspiring that I tend to wake up every single day with this song running through my head.  It's also great for dancing and exercising.  “Our Time” reminds Christians to set aside some time to fellowship with the Lord.  This time should be comprised of a variety of activities, such as reflecting on Him when sitting on a bus or praying while walking through a park.  Everybody has some free time to spare, especially for the Savior.  “Closer” is one of the most serious singles on the CD.  I like its compelling lyrics that remind me to come to God whenever I have a problem, regardless of whether or not it's big or small.  This is a great song to share with friends that may be going through some hard times.  Speaking of friends, the next song, “I See You” discusses the fact that no matter how many earthly friends a person may make, Jesus is the One that will never leave or disappoint people.  For a pure praise party, there’s nothing like “Bring the Party to Life” to remind a person that praising God does not have to be a boring chore.  This tune has some Zap and Roger old-school synthesized flavor with 21st-century electronic beats:  it never fails to put a smile on my face and cheer me up on any given occasion.  Lastly, “Live Out Loud” reminds me to continually share my faith in any possible way, through my words or actions - this makes it easier to spread the message and legacy that Jesus Christ left for all of humanity.  Some other honorable mentions include “Critical Emergency”, “iContact” and “Living the Life”. 

As a substitute teacher and aspiring writer, I like to identify myself as an ordinary dreamer with extraordinary value through Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord.  I believe that anything is possible if you put your trust in Him, and follow His ways.  I sincerely hope that God blesses this trio of artists with the desires of their hearts as they bravely spread a message of hope and righteousness through their obvious musical genius:  it is a gift that they have wholeheartedly shared with the world, and not just Christians.