Group 1 Crew is one of the coolest Christian bands of the 21st century.  The three artists that make up this trio refused to be easily defined and put into a box as far as style and creativity are concerned.  The CD titled “Outta Space Love” is one of the few albums that I downloaded all of the digital singles, as opposed to just a few:  I simply ate them all up, as they were delicious to my innermost soul.  There are a total of 12 tracks and 13 in the deluxe version. 

All of the tracks on this CD happened to be favorites, as I could spend countless hours playing this album.  However, I tend to play a few songs more than others.  “Live It Up” reminds me to feel young again and never take life too seriously.  This song also demonstrates that there are many ways for Christians to have fun, being in this world but not of it.  “Walking on the Stars” is like musical poetry.  If I could hire Group 1 Crew to create some hip-hop singles based on the Holy Bible's book of Psalms, they would definitely get the job.  This is also a song that can make one think more deeply and reflect on things with a purity of heart that is rare in this day and age.  “Let’s Go” is a catchy single featuring another Christian music pioneer (whom I used to have a crush on) named Toby Mac.  Combining the lead singer's vocals with Toby Mac’s spectacular lyrics and rap produces one memorable song - it's so good, I have it as a ring tone for my cell phone.  “Please Don’t Let Me Go” is one of those serious songs with strong conviction about keeping a relationship with Christ.  You know when a song has touched you deeply when it literally motivates you to get on your knees and pray - instantly.  “Breakdown” and “Manipulation” are two of the hottest dance tracks. 

Some other singles teach very good lessons to young people and are worth an honorable mention.  “Wait” gives some great advice on Christian dating, while “Beautiful” is an appealing song about embracing one's body image despite the negativity of the media, especially for girls.  The bonus track, called “Control” is also very powerful and moving.

The theme of this CD explores how deep and wide God’s love is for all of humanity.  His love is so big in fact, that the farthest reaches of outer space can't even contain it.  That very thought alone is just plain cool by nature.  Furthermore, everyone should consider God Himself, creator of all things, to be wonderful – by His very nature.