How to Use Groupon Now to Save Money

Groupon Now

Groupon Now is a new tool created by Groupon to offer local deals for short periods of time.

Groupon is a daily deal site, like Living Social, which typically sells a new local deal every day. You buy the deal, and then within the next six months or a year you redeem your Groupon for your deal.

Groupon Now is a new branch of Groupon which offers extremely time-sensitive deals. These deals might be offered for a couple of hours or a couple of days. Groupon Now lets you input your exact location and receive time-sensitive special offers near you.

groupon now deal categories

Groupon Now offers deals in the following categories: 

  • Eat Something
  • Get Pampered
  • Go Out
  • Exercise
  • Have Fun
  • Go Shopping

How Do I Use Groupon Now? 

If you have a smart phone you can use the Groupon app. Otherwise you can go to the normal Groupon Now webpage. Then you will enter your zip code or your city. Groupon Now will give you a list of very local deals near you available for the next couple hours.  They give you a list of deals and display them on a map. This makes it easier to see what is near you. After you find a deal you like,  you will be able to buy the deal and present it to the merchant in the specified amount of time. If you don't redeem your Groupon Now deal in the time period the deal specifies, Groupon will refund your money. 

How Can You Save Money with Groupon Now?

You can save money with Groupon Now by using it on your everyday activities. With regular Groupon you have to  plan ahead of time and buy a Groupon for an oil change or a pedicure to get a discounted price. With Groupon Now, if you decide you need to get an oil change, you can login and see if they have a deal for you on an oil change nearby.  It makes it very convenient for you to save money and get a great deal at the last-minute. 

Groupon Now is very convenient when you are traveling. When you are in different cities and are wondering where to eat, or what to do, check out Groupon Now and see if they have any good deals near you. 

Many times the deals are during off-peak hours, so while you might not be able to use them all the time, its worth a check to see if there is one you might be able to use!

Sign up for Groupon Now and start viewing deals based on your specific location!