Groupon Review

The Best Groupon Review

If you don't know about Groupon, you are missing out big time! Groupon is a site that is customized for tons of cities around the U.S., and presents a new restaurant every day where you can save 50% or more just buy puchasing a Groupon. Ever since I started using Groupon, my expenses for eating out at restaurants have decreased substantially.

Groupon Review: How Does Groupon Work?

Each day, they will post a deal related to your local area for a restaurant or other service. Generally, the daily deal is for a restaurant, but sometimes they have deals for other services like yoga classes or skydiving (those are actual ones I've seen!). You can either check the site daily (the new one goes up every day at midnight) or you can set it up so that you receive an e-mail that describes each day's deal.

Here's an example: You might see a Groupon that says: "Buy $50 for Wildfire Steakhouse for $25." If you purchase this Groupon, you will pay $25 right now. Then, you'll be able to print out your Groupon, take it to Wildfire (the restaurant) and use it to buy $50 worth of food and drinks. It's basically like you paid $25 for a $50 gift certificate, which is an excellent deal!

Groupon Review: What Are The Restrictions?

Usually, you can't use the Groupon in conjunction with another type of savings. However, if there is food that the restaurant has a special discount on, you can usually still use the Groupon. The Groupon will usually cover any food and drinks (including alcohol), but you can't use it to pay tax or tip. Also, you need to make sure to pay your tip based on the pre-Groupon price. After all, it's not fair that the waiter or waitress should get a smaller tip simply because you got your food at a great discount.

Also, some places will have a restriction on whether or not you can use the Groupon for dine-in, carry out, or delivery. You can always dine in with a Groupon, but sometimes it can't be used for carry out or delivery.

Finally, Groupons are not valid forever. Most expire six to twelve months from the date of purchase.

Groupon Review: What Is A Side Deal?

The side deal is usually just another daily deal! Although Groupon will usually feature a "deal of the day," there is usually something called a "side deal" which is basically another daily deal that you can purchase a Groupon for.

Groupon Review: Why Do People Love It So Much?

Besides saving 50-90% on local restaurants, people love it so much because it allows them to try new restaurants and new food items. If you usually don't buy appetizers or desserts at restaurants because they make the meal too expensive, this is the perfect opportunity to try them out since you're saving so much.

What are you waiting for? Signing up to Groupon is quick and easy, and it really allows you to save a lot of money if you like to eat out at restaurants. You may not find something you like right away, so I suggest you sign up for the e-mail that will tell you each day what the deal is. It's what I do, and my day wouldn't be complete without checking what that day's deal is!