Flavored Tea

It's so refreshing to have a cold glass of ice tea in summer or hot tea in the winter season. To make that tea healthy and tastier, try growing your own herbs to use for flavored tea. Choosing the right ones comes down to your unique taste buds. You can dry them and even transplant some of the plants to your kitchen windowsill.

Mint is the most obvious one to add to you homemade ice tea or cup of tea. This herb grows hardily and spreads very quickly in your garden. If you plan on growing this on your window sill you should make sure you have a window with good strong light. If you want to dry some of this them make sure your have a screen to air dry the herbs and airtight bottles for storing the them. They are good for about one year after you dry them.

Lemon grass is a wonderful tea treat for flavored tea. It looks like tall grass. You can use it dried or fresh in ice tea or hot tea. It has a great lemon taste. This is another one that will spread abundantly. You can buy herbs in the produce sections in grocery stores now. You can keep these on your window sill or plant them.

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Licorice mint is another hardy plant with a minty taste. In order to use the dried leaves though, and get the right potency from them, you should harvest them for drying before they flower. This is a sun loving herb and should be given lots of sun.

Hyssop grows wild all over the U.S. The Hyssop leaves can be used for flavored tea for a stronger kind of taste. This one has many medicinal uses in the herbal world in helping with asthma, congestion and mucus. Many years ago, it was used in wine. You must dry the leaves before it blooms.

Orange Balsam thyme is very easy to grow. As with the other herbs, you must harvest the leaves for drying before it blooms. This type has a fantastic citrus taste. It also grows in most soils with no problem.

Growing herbs is very easy whether you live in a small space or not. It doesn't take much room as long as you provide the proper sun exposure and water weekly, you will reap the benefits of excellent natural flavored tea. Besides, the great taste you will get from the many herbs that you try, you will also get many health benefits.



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