If you like the fungal delicacy that is mushrooms, and want to grow mushrooms at home, you can start off with the very popular mushrooms growing kits.  These limited use kits come with the mushroom spawn already in the kit.  All you do is set the kit on a window sill and water it.  You can usually get three to four harvests from each kit.

Using mushroom growing kits is essentially mushroom growing made easy, and using these kits you can grow many strains and types of mushrooms.  There are even kits that can be used for growing morel mushrooms, one of the most elusive of the types of mushrooms, and one of the most difficult to grow at home.  Finding Morel mushrooms for sale can even sometimes be difficult, so if you can develop the knack, knowing how to grow morel mushrooms could be a profitable hobby.

However, using the mushroom kits, while fun, is probably not profitable, and if you want a lot of mushrooms, you will probably want to move to grow bags, or setting up your own environment that is mushroom friendly.  Try learning how to grow button mushrooms first, as they are one of the easiest strains to grow, and then try tackling the others as you develop the techniques.  Growing mushrooms is quite different than growing tomatoes or radishes.

Grow Mushrooms At Home For Profit and FunCredit: MorguefileGrowing Mushrooms For Profit

If you get really good at growing mushrooms, you might decide to see if you can make a few dollars at it.  The best way to make a profit is to try growing some of the more uncommon varieties.  Do not start with button, as you probably cannot match the prices the big growers will sell them at.  Try growing oyster or shiitake mushrooms, as these are a little easier to cultivate, but still uncommon enough that you can create a demand.

Your mushrooms can be sold at a farmer’s market setting when starting, as this way you can sell what you have grown, and leave when you are sold out.  Once you are sure you can meet a schedule, try selling straight to chefs at your local restaurants.  Knowing that they are getting a local supply of organic mushrooms would definitely appeal to the discerning chef.

Mushroom Growing Made EasyCredit: MorguefileAcquiring local clients will help you to keep your prices up, but the demand could fluctuate depending on the economy.  Mushroom distributors are also a way to sell your inventory.  Of course, you might try a combination of all three of these methods of selling your mushrooms. 

Mushroom Growing Supplies

Books on growing mushrooms, mushroom growing kits, mushroom grow bags with mushroom substrate and mushroom spawn can all be found of Amazon to get you started.  If you decide to carry the hobby further, you will probably want to develop local or cheaper sources for your supplies. 

Whether you decide to grow mushrooms at home for yourself with a mushroom growing made easy method, or you decide to tackle growing mushrooms for profit, you will be developing a hobby that many others also do, but is still uncommon.  Being part of a select group could be a great source of satisfaction.  Consider learning to grow mushrooms at home today.

How are Mushrooms Grown?

Mushroom Growing Kits and Grow Bags