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Dreaming of those Hollywood eyelashes that just go on forever? The quest for thick, luscious lashes is something that many of us strive for. These days, there is plenty of help at hand. From day-wear false eyelashes, individual lashes, permanent lash extensions, lash growth mascara and special eyelash growth treatments, there is no end of choice for people looking to get long eyelashes.

One of the more recent beauty trends has been the emergence of eyelash serums that stimulate both lash length and lash density, resulting in natural, gorgeous thicker eyelashes.

Neu Lash is one of those serums that has come to the market since pharmacists treating glaucoma patients noted that one of the side effects was thicker, longer lashes. Not a bad side effect to have! (Although having a grandparent who suffered with glaucoma, it's fair to say that it's not a condition I'd wish on anyone).

Eyelash Intervention:

Neu Lash promises healthier, fuller lashes with incredible strength and volume, improved lash elasticity and a more voluminous lash effect in as little as 4 weeks.

Applied once a day, to clean lashes and eyes, by applying a little line of the eyelash extender serum along the base of the eyelashes, the Neu Lash comes in slick silver packaging that makes the serum look a little like liquid eyeliner – albeit a very expensive one.

Neu Lash contains a blend of moisturizing oils and nutrients, and proteins and vitamins that combine to stimulate lash growth, giving you lustrous, long eyelashes.

Eyebrow Replacement with Neu Lash:

An added advantage of Neu Lash is that it can also be used on thinning eyebrows, to help to thicken them in the same way, effectively giving you two products for the price of one! There is no need for eyebrow replacement, eyebrow implants or eyebrow restoration when Neu Lash can be used to stimulate eyebrow regrowth.

Eyelash Surgery Not Required:

Neu Lash reviews are overall extremely positive, with many saying that they saw very little results for 3-4 weeks and then their lashes grew, and grew and grew! One key thing that reviewers loved is the natural lash curl that Neu Lash gave them. Many people love this product, and given the results that are possible, it's not difficult to understand why.

Ophthalmologist tested, the product is suitable for anyone, male or female who wants long lashes. It can even be used by contact lens wearers, those with sensitive eyes and those with lash extensions.

Neu Lash is sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and is available in a 60 day use pack for $85.00 and a 120 day use pack for $150.00.

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