Who wouldn't want to grow taller? It is very common to come across this phrase in any romantic novel "tall, dark and handsome' guy who sweeps the heroine off her feet. Is there any woman on earth who does not dream of tall, dark and handsome man to be her life partner? If she says no, then either she is not being truthful or she is the evolved kind who thinks that physical attributes are not everything in life.

Have you come across any short person saying he or she had no fixation about height and never tried to grow taller as a teenager and was never the butt of jokes amongst the friends of their age? We may pose to have lofty intellectual ideals and brush aside the fact that height is one of those attributes which gets you where you want to go. Consider a person who is not tall, but has been able to achieve all those things that symbolize a successful man. He will definitely brag saying that small height was never an impediment to his success in life. Ask him if he would have preferred to be slightly taller than what he is and note his answer.

Whatever people might aver, we all know in our heart of hearts that height is that important attribute, which enhances our looks physically, fills us with confidence and we are able to enter any forum or any event with that added self-esteem. This does not mean that we need to look down upon those who are short, for they are in no way inferior to tall people and if height were the only determinant in sketching person's character, then all tall people would have been achievers and egoistic by nature. History is testimony to the fact that French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte was not tall, but that did not prevent him from achieving what he wanted to. As per science, there are many things that go into determining a person's height.

You may have observed that children of tall parents normally gain good heights, barring certain exceptions and children of short parents rarely grow tall, other than some exceptions again. This goes on to show that genes play a vital role in determining one's height. It also goes on to show genes are not the only determining factors in deciding one's height. The kind of food and nutrition as also the physical exercises a child has had during his growing years, play a crucial role in helping him to grow tall. There are certain parents who keep admonishing their children to assume correct posture while sitting, standing, or walking, so that wrong postures do not lead to stunted growth. It has been shown that stretching (wither from yoga or pilates) does lengthen the spine in adults and allows for added inches.

There is one theory which says that if a person's limbs and spine have not been exercised appropriately and to their full capacity, he or she may not gain the desired height. There are also many Grow Taller products and programs that are sold in the market and online too, promising you increase in height at any age in life and go on to substantiate their assertions. Some of these actually do have strategies that work for some. No harm in trying them if they are really as good as they claim to be, provided there are no side effects.