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If you're up for a challenging potted plant for your home, consider the orchid. It is worth all your efforts because of its magnificent beauty! You will be awed at the beauty of the delicate tropical pedals of this flower. There are around 25,000 species to choose from.

You should choose one that you will be able to care for properly. To do this, of course, your preference is important but not if you can't provide the right specifications for the species. Go to a reputable greenhouse or garden center. Read the care instructions for the ones that you prefer. If you can provide the conditions, these are the ones you should choose.

The location of your Orchid is closest to the light source which is usually on a window sill. This doesn't mean up against the glass where it will get burned by the sun. Be careful in the spring and summer especially. It is a good idea to face these plants away from the window with the blooms facing the room. The blooms are very delicate and can be harmed by too much direct light.

Orchids should be watered once or twice a week. They should be misted when the leaves are dry. Orchids do not survive well in too dry an environment so misting is a must. Do not water if the compost is moist already. Do not water when they are in a dormant, non- growing state. Orchids should be fed with a plant food according to the directions. Do not feed when they are in a dormant state.

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Orchids can be very happy indoors. They should be examined on a daily basis for any sign of bugs. You should check your orchid on the leaves or stems. Checking over your orchid carefully can sometimes prevent a bug overtaking your plant to its death. Common bugs are Mealy bugs, Aphids and spider mites. Be careful when you purchase new plants. You always should keep your already established plants separated from newly purchased ones until you're sure there is no infestation of bugs.

The room temperature should be kept around 65-75 degrees for a comfortable environment for your orchid.

If you neglect your Orchid, it may never recover. The main things to remember is that if you check for bugs daily, water it on schedule and provide proper light with no sudden drafts you will have beautiful rewarding blooms.



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