Having longs nails may not be key to life, but it can make you feel sexier, look sexier and act sexier. Elegant, long fingernails, especially with a fresh manicure or graceful french manicure can be very classy and appealing. You may be thinking that it's impossible to have long nails, but it's not! It just takes a bit of work, if you're not genetically predispositioned to growing long fingernails naturally. Some people can naturally grow long nails with no effort on their part, but for the rest of us there's a number of easy things you can do to make your nails grow longer.


  1. File your fingernails regularly. Nails are strongest when they're filed into a rounded square or oval shape, meaning the top of it is filed flat, but the corners are slightly rounded. This shape is best because the flat top makes you less likely to catch the edge on something, as square corners may do, but because it's not too round you will not get a split nail easily either.

  1. Don't go for a quick fix! Growing you nails, like growing hair, takes patience. You may be tempted to get fake nails, but they will not help in the long run. Getting fake nails applied will ruin you real nails, because to apply them properly you have to first file down the surface, which will make it very weak and easy to break. Once the fake nails are removed, you'll have to wait until your fingernail entirely grows out for it to regain its former strength, otherwise it will be too thin to grow long and strong.

  2. Always carry an emery board with you. It may be so tempting to pick at nails that chip, but don't! If you every want to grow your nails long, you need to resist the urge to pick at them, and just gently file them back into a rounded square shape. It's almost unavoidable that nails get snagged on something and you ended up with a broken or chipped nail, but do not pull at it! If you pick at it you only increase the chance of losing more of your nail. Just gently file it and let it keep growing.

  3. Moisturize like crazy! Always keep a good quality moisturizer on hand, and apply it as frequently as necessary to all your fingers and to your hands. You can also buy moisturize specially designed to moisturize your cuticles, which should be applied daily. Keeping the skin around your nails healthy will help to promote good, quick nail growth.

  4. Fake it till you make it. There are a couple things you can do to make your nails look longer, even if they are naturally short. For example, take a clean manicure tool and gently push back the skin beneath your nail, to make the tip of it detach slightly from the skin, therefore elongating it. You can also try a french manicure, but paint the line slightly lower then the real tip of your fingernail, making it seem like you have long nails, ever when you don't.

Follow these easy tips and you'll have enviable, long nails in no time!