I really do not like going to the store to buy vegetables. Those vegetables were picked days ago. Some of them are wrinkled and wilted. Often they are not cheap. Some of those fresh vegetables in the store are more expensive than beef!

Even if you have a little bit of land you can have fresh tasty vegetables from your own garden. A few well placed tomato or pepper plants can yield hundreds of dollars worth of vegetables. Growing you own onions and carrots are easy too and do not require a lot of space. Here on the dirt road I do not have that problem. I simply take the tiller out and grind up some more sod. My fresh sweet corn is delicious!

What I want to cover today is how to make your vegetables taste better. Yes even if you do nothing your fresh vegetables are going to make those over priced vegetables in the store taste like rubber.

So how do you get your vegetables to taste better? Well I am going to let you in on a few of my secrets in this article.

The one a lot of readers can do is add maple leaves to the soil in the fall. Maple leaves are very good as they add a sweet taste to the soil and will decompose very quickly. Most fruit tree leaves are very good as well. Avoid oak leaves as they take years to decompose and have a bitter taste.

Copper scrap: Cutting up the wire from that old cord on an appliance you were throwing in the trash anyway can really enhance the flavor of your tomatoes. It will help other vegetables as well. Dice the copper wire up really fine. A little copper goes a long way and will last for your lifetime.

Manure: Down here on the dirt road I can get all the manure I want from the horse stables. You want to add this in the fall so it has time to decompose by spring. Too much manure will change the PH of your soil so you may want to add a little lime and test your soil. Horse manure also has a foul odor. Perhaps you will not want to put it on your garden if your garden is under your bedroom window.

Steel shavings: Make sure your shavings are not oily. The best shavings are from Chrome Vanadium or Cobalt steel. Like the copper these shaving will enhance the flavor of your vegetables for years to come. Brass shavings are ok but not my first choice.

Finally my favorite is swamp water. I like to go down by the river where the water is receding and get irrigation water. This water is full of all kinds of critters. This water is one fine fertilizer.

I cannot wait for spring to come down the dirt road to grow the best tasting vegetables in the world.