Growing Bananas And Other Tropical Fruit In A Cooler Climate

Cartoon BananasCredit: trees are a great landscape plant that looks great in the garden. They can grow anywhere from 2-3 metres to 7 metres tall and if potted can even be grown indoors.

There are certain fruiting varieties that will grow in colder climates. But banana trees look great even if they aren’t being used to grow fruit as they look like a type of palm tree.

A popular species of banana grown in cooler climates is the Musa Basjoo, which is a very tropical looking plant. The fruit doesn’t look like your typical banana but is edible and is quite seedy, it will take 3-4 months for the fruit to ripen.

Other popular and more typical banana species that are grown in cooler climates are the Ladyfinger, Goldfinger, Blue Java and Ducasse.


Bananas aren’t the only tropical fruit that you can grow in cooler climates.

Mountain Paw paw/Babaco   These trees can produce up to 100 fruit per year on a mature tree, and is one of the easier tropical fruits to grow. They still look wonderful if they are not even growing fruit.

Pineapples                                       Pineapples are grown in cooler climates but need  nurturing, periodic watering and protecting from the elements. They are a popular potted tropical fruit, because this way you can place them on a verandah or deck where there is protection from the harsher elements.

Watermelon                                     Watermelon will grow in a cool climate, if placed in a sunny place.

Cartoon AvacadoCredit:                  Avocados do not like the cold and wind but they are a good crop to have in colder areas. They love to sit and bake in the sun so they are better placed in a sunny area.

Macadamia nuts      The macadamia tree is a beautiful evergreen tree which can grow in a cold climate. It is slow to take, but will grow in protected spot and produce nuts. When the nuts fall, then you will get more seed.


Where do I get a banana tree?

Your plants must be sourced from approved and certified sources, because they are subject to diseases. So don’t bring them interstate or another area because it could introduce a new pest to your neighborhood.

Growing tropical fruits is becoming more and more popular in cooler climates so if you ring around to a few local nurseries you will be able to find one that can supply you with the plants you need. Once you have the plants, they are easy to reproduce through taking stem cuttings but also the seeds within the fruits.

When you first put the plants in, you will need to set up the intended area with well-rotted compost and manure a month before planting. This will leave the ground very fertile and encourage the plant to take.



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Banana And Other Tropical Fruit Plants

Growing tropical plans is great for the gardener or community group or school. You can see the tree grow and reap the rewards from it. They are like many other plants which need placing in the right spot, and looking after. They are becoming more common in cooler areas because they give great fruit, so why not give them a go!


Thanks for reading and good luck in your garden! Please let me and everyone know how you are going with your fruit, leave a comment!