The idea of information security involves the main concepts of confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation and accountability. There have been debates whether non-repudiation, accountability and authenticity should be included in the core concepts of information security. The debate is raging on.

Confidentiality of information is essential and should be made available for the authorized person only. The authorized person should be able to modify the information at anytime for any circumstance. This forms the integrity of information systems. The information must be available at any given time. No information should be mishandling or lost. Authenticity involves the information being original in every detail. These concepts make up the frame work of an information security system.

In a management scenario or business scenario, information security is implied and practiced using administrative, logical and physical controls. Administrative control implies that proper rules and guidelines are passed down to every level that would safe guard the interest of the entire company or business. Logical monitoring involves applying software and other hardware devices to keep a check on the information security tools that employees use to complete a job. Physical control is applying physical control methods such as cameras, security check posts, security guards, physical screening etc.

Important information such as military, business and government information are highly classified forms of information which in the wrong hands can cause damage to America as well as the rest of the world. Protecting this information with information security is vital literally to life and death.

Information security paves the way for career opportunities with its never ending demand. There are several information security professions; information systems security architectural professional, information system security management professional, information system securities Engineering professional are a few career oriented programs that come under information security.

Information security is related to security involving many aspects of everyday life. Many people believe information security is related only to computers. While computer security is a kind of information security, information security does not imply computer security. Information security is securing the information found on a computer.

Demand for information security in this computing age has increased. Access controls are an important factor to consider. Access control has two divisions; identification and authentication. Identifying a person by his or her name is not enough in this technological world. Authentication should be verified in addition to identification. Each person should be required to verify their identity. Information is everywhere and gaining access to information that is not yours is very possible.

Information security is always about encrypting information and decrypting it whenever necessary. The scope and demand is vast and with more and more changes being pooled into the nature and structure of information. At a professional level the changes can also be immeasurable. The opportunities to work in this industry are diverse and we can say that it touches each and every life in this computing age.