The majority of people can’t resist bringing back a phalaenopsis orchid from the florist. This is the most common variety, and you can spot it by looking at its elegant white or colored flowers, coupled with flat wide leaves.  They last a long time; however, it does become expensive if you are just going to be displaying one of these in your living room.

It is not that difficult to learn about growing orchids under light – that is if you are going to be leaving it indoors. You will find if you take care of them, they will start to blossom again and you will definitely be rewarded by this.

phalaenopsis orchid

Some basic steps to growing orchids

First of all, you need to give the flowers just enough water, so this is why it is not such a good idea to leave outdoors, unless you keep them sheltered. Too much water is going to cause the roots to rot, and obviously they do need some water to keep them happy. Basically, you will want to keep the soil moist, and you can test this by sticking your soil in the pot.

When it comes to lighting, the same basic principles apply. You will find that if you expose the plant to direct sunlight, then the leaves will burn. However, they still need a descent amount of rays coming through the window. It would be a good idea to put them at an east facing window.

If you don’t have the appropriate light, then use lighting in your house, but you have to make sure that you have enough. If you have a fan, then turn this on for a while, because they like a little bit of a breeze as well. The temperatures they are most happy in range from 60 to 80 degrees F.

This is a type of flower that really needs to be fed, and you can buy something special just for that. You will need to fertilize them once or twice a week, depending on what you are using. I used something that you mix into the water that you water them with and works like a dream.

So, once your orchid has finished flowering that is not the end of it. You may not need to repot it. However, for the best chances, don’t be afraid of this. Just remove the plant from the pot and transfer it into a plastic container, which is just the right size. Add in some potting mix, which is just right for an orchid.

Pruning is very important, if you are concerned about reflowering. This is actually very easy. All you do is clip the branch below the third node. A node looks like a joint. You will soon notice another branch come shooting off and this allows more flowers to come up.

You can also leave the plant outside on the patio at night, when autumn comes around. This will encourage the plant to start flowering again.

silk orchid


Would You Use Silk Orchid Arrangements for Your Wedding

I have to say, I have never been a fan of silk flowers. However, when I complemented my mom’s silk orchid arrangement, I was amazed to hear that, the plant was indeed not the real thing.

Back in the day you could spot this, but things have changes and advances have been made. I can tell you that from previous experience, orchids need a lot of care and this requires time and dedication.

I’m not pedantic about feeding flowers with fertilizers, but when it comes to orchids, you have to get something specific. You also need to water them right and give them just the right amount of sun.

If you have a big space in your living room that you want to decorate, orchids are a good way to go because they help create the minimal effect. These are the perfect type of silk flowers that will do the job.

Some people are a little blown away by the price, but really if you think about what a real plant costs, and you add up the costs of food, not to mention the labor and time that you have to put into it, you will start to change your mind.

The other thing is that more and more people are using these particular types of flowers for are, is  weddings. At first, you may just shake your head, but if you can’t see that they are not the real thing, then is there really a problem?

I have been with flower arrangers as they have been at work getting things ready for a bride for the next day. Not only is it hard work, but you have to make sure the flowers are fresh and won’t open.

If you think about something like roses, it becomes even trickier. A bride often specifies that she wants rose buds and they should not be open. However, it can even happen that these flowers will start to open on the back seat of the car on a moderately hot day as you drive over to the church.

Flowers like these have become cheaper and in this day and age, most people will want to go for that option. In addition to that, it is always a bonus for a bride to take the flowers home with her.

She can just go in and choose something that matches the dress and decor exactly and it is easier for people to work like this if they know exactly what they need to do.

One last thing, which goes in favor of these flowers, is that they are allergy free. How many people start to get the sneezes when pollen comes their way? You shouldn’t have to avoid flowers completely just because of this fact.

I wouldn’t just go replacing every single arrangement for these types of flowers. It is still nice to have some authenticity in the home. You may even like to stick some real flowers from the garden with your silk flowers you bought from the florist.

If you use solely flowers, that are not real, it may seem like a shop, so a little variety would be good. The point, is that there are definite advantages, especially as time has moved on, but it is not necessary to go crazy.

growing orchids