Growing grass from seed is quicker than most people think, but the speed of growth and quality of grass depends on many different factor, factors like how much sunlight your lawn area gets, temperature, rain and quality of soil are just a few. If you have poor weather conditions and poor soil it is going to be very difficult to grow grass from seed. It can be done but the process can be very slow. If you have a large budget buying turf will probably be your better option.

Like everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages and growing grass from seed is no different. Lets give you just a few advantages to growing your own grass. Number one has got to be the price, it is much cheaper. Lawns that are grown from seed seem to be better wearing than their turf counterparts, because the roots of the grass are more deep rooted. The disadvantages are it can be quite a slow process and for a lot of people this just isn't an option for them.

Before you start growing grass from seed there are a few things you need to know first. Don't just buy any old seed choose a grass seed that fits your style and taste. Because there are so many different variety of grass seed to choose from its best if you do a little research first. Your local library should stock books on grass seeds and how to choose the one that is right for you.

When you have chosen your grass seed, its now time to plant it. This can be a difficult task if you let it. But there are lots and lots of gardening tools on the market which will make this job a lot easier and will give you more of a chance of achieving the perfect lawn. Your number one priory when growing grass from seed, should be protection. You need to make sure people and animals do not disturb it growth.