The ultimate anti-ageing philosophy

It worked for my parents it works for us.

Jim and Sue

"I'm so glad I'm not young anymore."

My Mother said this often and now I understand why. She is happy to be free of hang-ups and growing pains that frustrate her offspring. As middle-aged / ageing adults we now have to grapple with new-fangled technology, way-out concepts and twisted moralistic issues that don’t concern her anymore. As Baby Boomers in our 60’s we both strived for progress and ended up making things too complicated, too difficult and expensive to maintain. We thought our Mother was an old fuddy-duddy when she showed no interest in things like mobile phones and the internet. She is still happy to watch her favourite DVD's over and over again on last year's equipment. Imagine that!

I want to grow old like this – like my beloved Mother

Mom at 90Credit: Sue Visser

At ninety something my Mom is seriously old. But she is in peak health and has not lost her marbles. I want to grow old like that! She drives “old” people to Church and gives them tea parties. She strides along the beach and picks at cryptic crossword puzzles that boggle the average mind. She lives alone and still grows the best roses on the block.

Every year her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren receive Birthday and Christmas cards that include a generous pile of cash notes. Real money you can smell, touch and feel. Mom looks after her investments, sees to house maintenance and cooks all her own meals. Yet she refuses to have a glass of wine by herself because it could lead to bad habits. She pastes all the pictures of her loved ones on the walls and doors of her house so she can see and touch them and love them every day. How sad that we all peer at little electronic gadgets and we often forget to send her real pictures. (Note to self.)

I want to depart like this – like my beloved Father

Mom and Dad OhlssenCredit: Sue Visser My Dad passed away at the age of 93. He was superbly healthy and was told by Mom to get ready to go shopping with her. Now you know how men hate that. He stood at the front door, holding the car keys and quietly collapsed. Two hours later we were sitting by his bedside. Dad had passed on, leaving a perfectly healthy body behind. I held his hand. It was still slightly warm. He had a peaceful smile on his face. I want to die like that! No regrets, no more chores to have to do.

Done with the fretful fifties and into the soaring sixties

 I thank my parents for teaching me not to fuss about life or death. Both are OK.

Now I am also considered to be old and grey and my children think that I too, am backward and narrow-minded. So like my Mother, I'm happy to say that I am so glad I'm not young anymore. At 61 it is time to enjoy the platform that took me over six decades to build. A place where there is enough height to be objective and detached from the rat race and the urge to survive. I don’t need to stay free of wrinkles and grey hairs. I have earned them, along with a pensioner’s card that gives me discounts at the movies, at fun parks and for bus rides. We are also proud Grandparents – they say this keeps you young? Well, in terms of fitness we will give the kids a run for their money although they will inevitably become our IT superiors. We are truly getting old, because we still prefer to read books made out of real paper!

We are now Seriously Senior Citizens - not old codgers who resist their age

Black BeltsCredit: Jim visser

As  martial artist with two black belts, I no longer do kickboxing in the ring or do serious kumite in a dojo. Jim and I used to be Tai Chi instructors at the gym where we played squash and did yoga as well. Moving down to the coast put an end to those activities because us oldies are too lazy to drive around. We joined a local line dancing studio and really enjoy the challenge. They say it keeps the brain more alert than doing daily crosswords. It also gives you a good workout and makes you feel happy. You dance for joy! Jim plays bowls a few times a week and that is the only time we are not together. We run our small business together, making herbal health products. Jim is 67 and should have retired long ago but does not need or even want to be put out to pasture. That is for old people!  I keep very fit by running on the beach in the mornings and performing my karate, Tai Chi and kickboxing drills in the fresh air. We cherish the prospect of gently fading away - as and when we outlive our allotted time.

Our parents gave us all they had and did all they could to give us a better life. Then they let go, and handed us over to the world. We all have to carry on from there, creating a bond with our real Father in Heaven. As such, one can no longer lay the blame for what happened in your childhood on the parents. It was a life contract you made before you were born. You can’t pull a guilt trip on the parents because they only did their best, according to the greater Will. We call it the Mainframe Computer or God. So we had to take it out on God and learn by experience what that meant.

History has a way of repeating itself and my two thirty something kids need to be cut from my apron strings. They link up on a feedback loop that  goes directly to their Creator. Send him the text messages that they have the gall to send to their earthly Mother! It is somehow wrong to allow the status of a Grandmother to be undermined by her offspring. That commandment about:"honour your Father and your Mother that it may be well with thee and thou mayest live long on the earth" is a subtle reminder that T and C's apply. Your earthly parents hold fort until you are old enough to link up directly to what we call mainframe. (God / Heaven)

Our Father who art in I Cloud hallowed be the IT name."

Times have changed and this makes it difficult to talk straight – eye to eye (not iPhone to iPad.) We have produced a generation of cyber kids. They send you toxic text messages and communicate with all and sundry on the internet where not everything is honest or truthful. There is no more chatting around a crackling fire or watching the real clouds in the sky go by. We don’t wash windows we use the software. We associate apples and blackberries with Wi-Fi; you know what I mean? Our kids are strung up to little electronic gadgets and take them to bed, for a walk in the park and even to the lavatory. They bleep and chatter on them and take “selfies”and pass the time on waves of electromagnetic fog. Faceless - Face Books

Do I really want to live longer in a world that runs like this?

Babies are rocked or swung about in battery operated cyber-cradles. They are put to sleep with electronic gadgets that reproduce the sounds of the ocean. Nobody sings them a lullaby anymore or allows them to snuggle against a real live human being. Both parents have to work to pay the bills to maintain an unrealistic and almost exaggerated lifestyle. Why do we call this progress? They have to earn enough money to afford a second car, drive to work in a traffic jam and then pay somebody else to spend quality time with their children. "I'm so glad I'm not young anymore!" But as a grandparent one has to work out a way to help nurture a new generation that is not familiar with warmth, kindness or walking barefoot in the mud. They are not keen on words like effort or discipline.

"The world is too much with us" is what the poet William Wordsworth wrote, shortly after the First World War. "In getting and spending we lay waste our powers." Gosh, that was a long time ago. In those days people had less of everything and it didn't upset them because they had a lot of quality time. With less to do they could spend more time enjoying the simple things that really mattered. Like being still and sometimes just doing nothing at all. For the grandchildren we will have the time to read real books and tell stories or go on hike. We can do some gardening, grow vegetables and cook a meal together. We are young at heart and have health in abundance. We do not live in fear of age-related degenerative diseases. We take care of our health and nutrition and have taught our own children to do likewise. They go out of their way to keep their twins healthy and free of drugs, vaccines and chemicals.

Sues parentsCredit: Sue Visser

To just be normal is what I learnt from my Mother and Father. For them it was normal to just keep going, to be healthy and happy and never relate it to their age. I have this photo dedicated to them in the book I wrote called HEALTHY HAPPY EATING. It was our last family Christmas together. My Father stood up at the age of 92 and sang the Norwegian anthem to honour his ancestors. I didn’t even know he could speak a word of Norwegian.

My elderly neighbour used to say he was happy to leave a world that had become ugly and heartless. He was in his eighties and used to delight in the simplest mundane little things, such as spiders and kitty cats. He was fit and healthy and had an unusually sharp mind but he did not try to cheat on Father Time. He enjoyed every day and gave thanks for it until the end of his happy life. He used to laugh and say: "What a beautiful day." Sometimes the weather was foul. But as he explained: “At my age, every day that you are alive is a beautiful day."  

He would come over and tell us all about the good old days when he could go fishing out in the bay and actually eat the fish. Those were the days before mercury poisoning. He used to collect black mussels off the rocks and so did my parents. Now the water is contaminated with uncontrollable levels of e-coli bacteria and pesticides. Dead mussels wash up along the same beach where I run in the mornings. But do the youngsters really care one way or the other? I hope I don't spend too much time regretting the days gone by because that is one of the pitfalls of growing old:

Living in the past, resisting the present and then dreading the future? No way!

So why are people so hung up on longevity? Would it be to extend the misery of staying in a world that can no longer sustain the simple pleasures of happy hugs, clean fresh air, wholesome food and a big garden of your own? Why bother to take longevity supplements and undergo anti-wrinkle surgery to end up in a wheelchair in an old age home, riddled with incontinence and dementia? The face lifts and Botox injections plus the new hair colouring is pretty convincing, but what of the structural and mechanical issues? Things like joints that have disintegrated the buckled back and frail hands with swollen knuckles. What of the pacemaker to keep the old ticker going? People fail to attend to the basics of heart, skeletal and joint health when they are young. So they are responsible for the decay and entropy associated with old age. Jim's mother is 97 and is not able to see or hear too well anymore. But she was cooking dinner and looking after her eldest daughter until a year or two ago. Here is is and the kitchen sink. She never left her kitchen until everything was clean and tidy.

Jim and his motherCredit: Sue Visser

 Degenerative old age issues are not due to a deficiency of medications.

We know we can't "add a cubit to our height." We can't live a moment beyond the days we are given on planet earth. They may be long, they may be short. But a healthy diet and a good range of supplements will certainly help to maintain bodily functions. The big problem is that we become misled by anti-ageing concepts. We begin to resist old age and manifest the rot. It is presented as something to be avoided, to be postponed at all costs. What we resist will persist.

Keep the body healthy and fit and feel good at any age. This works for me!

It makes no sense to maintainSue with secretCredit: Jim an artificially youthful appearance without seeing that the machinery is running efficiently. Look in the mirror at your outer presentation: hair that does not turn grey and a face that does not get wrinkly - a bosom and butt that don't sag and a gut that doesn't expand. Surgery and stuff out of a bottle can do that. Rather like a house that is riddled with termites that has been given a new coat of paint.

But as with a recently renovated or call it redecorated  human being, if the inside has gone rotten the structure collapses. The plumbing breaks down and the light bulbs burn out.

There is no need to become a geriatric victim of careless eating habits, along with hormonal upsets, depression and obesity. They can affect us at any age but they don't have to. It is a matter of choice. You can choose to go down Old Age Alley and put up with misery as most people do because they create their world using the negative input that dominates their timelines. But what if you don't buy in to the evidence? What if your body can keep on running like a well-oiled engine in spite of what the medical text books tell us? The brain needs to be fed and treated with respect. In turn you will have a very sharp mind and a good memory at any age. There is no need to apologize for a fuzzy head and then blame it on getting old. Oh no. 


Help your hormones with supplements - keep feeling and looking good 

What we call the downside of growing old has a lot to do with our personal blueprint. We see our friends caving in and follow suit. I don't. I see friends taking HRT to so-called maintain their youthful bloom and they gain weight, feel bloated and moody. A lot of them have already died of cancer, after following the advice of anti-ageing specialists. So taking hormones is not the way to boost your libido or prevent osteoporosis. I have spent a few decades researching the various roles and attributes of hormones, especially progesterone. I used raw sweet potato to help me over the transitional stages - the dreaded menopause. Another thing to dread? No that is a myth. The bottom line is to keep on producing your own hormones throughout your life. It works for us. We are still on honeymoon!

Jim in the jungleCredit: Sue Visser

Senility and impotence are not necessarily traits of the dreaded ageing process. Hormones like testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, and HGH can make all the difference - especially if you are able to keep on generating them throughout your life. These messengers are what keep the brain sharp and active. Men can use special herbs!

Hormones are part of the software that enhances your love of life, living in a body that runs efficiently. But if the hormones are not doing their job it is another story. Stress hormones like cortisol can make you morbidly obese if you don’t take control. Insulin resistance, diabetes and heart problems are the result of eating all the wrong foods and loading up on toxins at any age. So don’t get fatter by the year. It is truly gross to be old and fat and it is preventable in most cases. So to enjoy your old age try to get into shape and carry less bulk around so that you don;t suffer from morbid obesity. There is time and it is up to you.

Don't resist old age if ...

you have earned the right to enjoy it in a youthful body


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Sue with medicineCredit: Jim Visser


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