The gorgeous tropical flower known as the orchid is also classified as an aerial plant. They do especially well in more humid climates and actually absorb their moisture from the air as they cling to rocks and tree trunks. Even if you are in the wrong climate for orchids you can still grow them in your greenhouse with the proper care and attention to their needs. To care properly for your hothouse orchids, there are a few tips to follow.

As the orchids cling to the tree trunk amid the moisture in the air they absorb the nutrients they need for survival and healthy growth. To maximize their health, you can also add some potting mix. With the potent combination of orchid fertilizer and potting mix many orchids will bloom for days on end.

Being surrounded daily by humidity and moisture is critical for orchids which also need to be watered at least two times a week in order to stay in top shape. You can keep them in their proper element by placing them on top of a humidity tray or misting them lightly every day. By placing just a few pebbles and stones on the bottom of a tray, you can create your own humidity tray with ease. The bottom of the orchid pot should not touch the water so when you add water to the humidity tray, do not put enough to cover the stones themselves. Keep an eye on the tray and refill it as the water evaporates.

A greenhouse has a tendency to become overheated pretty easily even though by design it remains high in humidity. The orchids will require some ventilation from time to time if overheating occurs in the greenhouse. Air can become stale within the structure so make sure there is a vent or window which you can open to allow fresh air to enter and cool the temperature.

In the wild, it is natural for orchids to remain in darkness for some part of each day, a condition you will want to replicate in the greenhouse. To provide this necessary period of darkness, turn off the lights for several hours each night in and near the greenhouse.

You will find a satisfying and enjoyable hobby when you grow orchids in a greenhouse. There will be a never ending supply of lovely, sweet-smelling blooms available with which to fill your home when you grow orchids as a hobby.

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