Acnistus australe Acnistus australe

If you are really fascinated by growing interesting plants, why not try growing some really rare plants? If you have a greenhouse or live in a warm climate, here are some really rare and beautiful plants you can grow.

Acnistus australe has charming waxy purple bells of flowers and is from Australia. I found the seeds being offered as a novelty by Thompson & Morgan Seed Company more than a dozen years ago. Two plants grew on for years in pots and several years ago I decided to take the risk of planting them outdoors. In the past few years they have turned into four foot conversation pieces and have thrived. People always stop and ask me what they are!

Another fun plant that I had grown from seed and only now am I beginning to see sold more in the trade is the Isoplexis canariensis with its spires of unusual orange rust flowers. This one takes some shade in hot, dry summers and likes regular water. The color of the flowers makes it an artistic addition and a conversation piece in any garden.

A chance to enjoy a rarity occurred when I grew what I thought was a regular plant of the Salvia clevelandii 'Winefred Gilman'. Much to my surprise the plant bloomed with two different colored flowers - blue and white - on the same plant. This one is hard to propagate since cuttings rarely come true with the separate colored flowers. Apparently, Salvia (Sage) expert Betsy Clebesh did have some success propagating this plant on rare occasions.

These are just three fascinating, rare plants I've been thrilled to grow. Some others interesting rarities I've grown are the Discorea discolor, the Tacca, the Brugmansia sanguiana, and an orchid I've still to identify. The first two were grown as house plants.

There are many more rare plants that are a fun challenge for the plant enthusiast. Some people are fascinated by carnivorous plants, orchids, water plants, succulents and so many other types. Finding the kind of plants you can raise will require some research. Now that you can search on the internet, you can locate plants and seeds more easily than ever before. So why not find a plant that utterly fascinates you and see if you can grow it? Of course, this will appeal only to someone who suffers from an overly-developed love of plants like me! But it will keep you out of mischief - for a while, anyway.