Tomatoes growing in a large potGrowing tomatoes is relatively easy and does not require much space. It's easier, especially if just wanting a couple of plants for personal use to buy the plants already started. If grown from seeds they will need more time to mature. Seeds do best when planted and then transferred after reaching the size of at least 8 inches. The plants will need direct sunlight for all hours of the daylight. Depending on the geographical location the seedlings may need to start before the dangers of frost cleared. This might make it necessary to start seedlings in a green house or under a plastic canvas. Tomato plants need room to grow so it is best to plant one seed per pot.

Tomatoes can be grown out of a pot. Many people will keep a potted plant or two near the kitchen for personal everyday use. When growing mass amounts of tomatoes for selling or canning it makes more sense to plant them in a garden.

When planting bury the stem up to where the leaves begin. This might seem deep but this will make the plant stronger by producing a larger root system. If unable to dig deep plant the stem sideways up to where the leaves begin. Be sure to leave lots of room in between plants for growth.

Keep the soil around the plants weed free and cover the ground around the stem with straw. Once the plant is thriving pinch of any leaves that appear to be unhealthy. These will have yellowing or dark spots. Suckering by pinching off any small leaves that form in between stems of the plants is totally optional.

As the plants starts blooming and developing fruit it will be necessary to stake or cage the plants. Tomatoes that lay on the ground usually rot on the part touching the ground. It is not necessary to cage or stake the plant if straw is spread around the base and outward from the plant. If the plant was buried sideways pay special attention not to drive something into the stems. If staking the plant take what is know as a tobacco stick or buy a stick, drive it into the ground beside the plant and then tie the plants stem in several places along the stick. Cages seem to provide the best support system, although sometimes not the most attractive.

If the area is dry there will be a need to water the plants but only water when not in direct sunlight. Fertilizing usually isn't necessary and neither is harsh chemicals or pesticides. Many people never use any sort of pesticide or pest control methods and have plenty of fruit for their needs. If chemicals are used, fruits and vegetables should never be eaten at least two weeks afterward.

Tomatoes taste best if ripened on the vine however tomatoes will ripen after picking when left in a window. If deciding to use this method it's best to pick them once they have actually started turning a bit red. Of course there are recipes such as fried green tomatoes and breads that call for the green ones. There are endless varieties but a more common type of garden growers is Brandywine and Beefsteak. Whatever the need, there is a type! People who have acid problems should grow yellow tomatoes. These have less acid. However, people who want lycopene that is thought to prevent cancer should eat red tomatoes because green nor yellow contains it.