Each year of childhood is one more step towards adulthood. It is one more year the body has grown and developed. It has aged. As a body ages, certain functions begin to deteriorate. Sometimes certain areas on the body are not as strong as other areas. A physical examination is needed yearly to measure the strength of that particular body part. Routine examinations by a personal care physician are necessary. Dental check-ups are needed to ensure a healthy mouth. Vision examinations are necessary to ensure that the eyes are seeing properly. The effects of damaged vision can range from mild inconvenience to dangerous if it affects the ability to drive or follow directions on a package.

The stigma of wearing glasses is no longer what it once was. Owlish frames that overpowered even the strongest face are long gone. In its place are designer frames, cool frames, frames for any day of the week or occasion. The bully's of the schoolyard can no longer make the differentiation of being a nerd with glasses to someone cool who could not see the board. Glasses have come a long way with the help of celebrities who wear corrective lenses and even some that wear the frames just to be trendy. Kids no longer have to fear being ostracized because they have less than perfect vision. Some children grow out of the need for corrective lenses when their eyes learn to focus properly again. There are those, though, that continue to need eyewear for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, this is not a bad thing. Glasses are cool and hip. Is it better to have poor eyesight and no glasses or to have the glasses and be able to see clearly?

From the Buddy Holly frames to the stylish wire rimmed glasses, eye wear is keeping pace with individual hectic lives and the need to be fashionable. No longer have will "one size fit all" applied to corrective lenses. Glasses, much like individuals, are unique. They can add character and change impressions. Growing up with glasses has never been better. Stand up and be proud of those stylish frames. Wear them with dignity and pride and let those frames stand out on that face.