Going from a sassy short haircut to beautiful lengths can be a bumpy road, especially during those awkward in-between styles. Stores like Drugstore.com and Folica sell styling products to help you, as long as you've got the knowledge of how to use them. Forget the old advice of buying and wearing a hat for six months or more; here are tips to keep you looking chic and beautiful at every length.

1. Shape It Up

Lots of women make the mistake of thinking hair grows to a desired length more quickly by skipping trims and cuts. This could not be further from the truth. Not only does avoiding trims make your hair look shaggy and unkempt, it also encourages shaft breakage. Basically, a split end can travel higher and higher up the length of the hair so that when you do go in for a haircut, more has to be taken off to get your style back to healthy. To avoid this, continue to get regular trims at your hair stylist. While your stylist is keeping your lengthening mane healthy, she will also be able to give the changing style shape and style.

2. Play with Accessories

Headbands and barrettes may just be items from your childhood at this point, but growing a hairstyle out can be the perfect excuse to break them back out and have some fun. Avoid hair clips that are clearly too young for your age, and stick to smaller bits of metal to keeps things stylish. A heavier brooch with some rhinestones can really dress up a style. Use the clips to pull back growing layers and reveal a more uniform length underneath. Play with proportion, volume and asymmetry to create many new looks at each length.

3. Experiment with Product

Growing your hair out gives you to opportunity to experience a years worth of hairstyles in a hurry. Take advantage of styling each length as if it were the one you were after in the first place, and your journey from short to long will be even more exciting. Using products like a wave setter or voluming mousse can add definitions that you've not had before, and will soon not be able to enjoy due to the weight of your long hair.

When using these products, its generally best to apply to damp hair from the root to the tip. You'll want to read the directions on the packaging to be clear. One thing you should not experiment with, however, is home hair color. Making a mistake here will cost you time as the product itself may damage your hair; the process of removing the hair color can certainly damage your hair.

The key to avoid awkward lengths and styles is to simply have fun with your changing style. Keep your hair healthy and the rest will come to you on its own.