The biggest problem I find with InfoBarrel, is not coming up with anything new to write.

I often find myself just staring at a blank article screen, hoping I find some inspiration from somewhere to get me started.

Well it has just come ...

However, this piece of inspiration has not only solved  the problem that I need to find something to write about...right now, but it will also solve this problem for the future.

The concept is rather simple, first just write about a broad topic, and just give it an overview.

I chose Economics.

The trick then is to find something within this overview that you can expand upon.

So in my case Economics can be divided into two sub topics. Macroeconomics andMicroeconomics.

Then I could go from these two articles, and write about something else.

For example in Macroeconomics, I could start writing about an overview of what Inflation is, as inflation is apart of the make up that forms macroeconomics.

Then from Inflation, I can go on to write about different types of inflation, such as Hyperinflation.

Then from Hyperinflation, I could write about where it has occurred. Such as in Germany, Greece and Hungary etc.

I can carry this process on and on until I eventually hit a dead end.

Then simply go back one, or two steps, to find something else to write about.

So say my dead end is writing about Hyperinflaton in Germany, I could go back to my Inflation article and come up with a new sub topic - such as Controlling Inflation.

To then go off from there and build a whole range of articles. All stemming  just from one good broad idea.

So you eventually come up with a kind of tree of inter-related articles, and you will find many of your articles can become linked with one another rather easily. As all the topics you are writing about ultimately come under your main broad topic. Why you want your articles interlinked click here, and scroll down to the 'article series strategy'.

You won't have to struggle to find inspiration or ideas again.

If you don't want to start with an overview of a topic, you can also simply go through one of your old articles, and find something that you can relate to it and then start the tree from there.

Even within this very article I can branch a whole host of new articles.

As the article is mainly aimed at inspiring people to write new content, when faced with a blank screen I could recommend How to Generate 15 Article Ideas In Under A Minute .

Then from that article I could say that the titles are only one of the five reasons you aren't pulling in InfoBarrel traffic, so I could give them a link to say that this particular article might be solving one of your five problems but do you even know the other four problems you are facing. 

So click here to find the other four reasons you aren't getting views on InfoBarrel.

Then as you can see there are links from there that go into articles that I have wrote. So you can grow your article tree more and more.

Good Luck.