For most people, monthly income is the building block on which their lives are constructed. The amount of money available to a person in a given month determines a number of things. It determines the type of home they will be able to buy or rent as most mortgage payments are done on a monthly basis. It will determine the quality of food they are able to buy, as food is a major monthly expense. It will also determine the car they are able to drive, as for most people with car loans the payments work on a month to month basis. Once one understands the amount of monthly income they have available to them, they will be able to understand the amount they are able to spend each month without going into debt. If they wish to spend more than they have coming in then they may wish to undertake a number of methods to increase the amount of their monthly income.


It is true that all of us want and need to make money. We want to earn income every month that will allow us to make all of our expenses. When it comes monthly income, only 1 out 5 of us makes enough money to pay all of our bills every month. That sad fact means that 4 out 5 of us, simply doesn't make enough money to pay our regular bills. When it comes to looking for a conservative approach to making more money, you should consider looking into covered calls. Covered calls is an investing strategy that focuses on conservative income-oriented results. It is a great way to get more out of your monthly income and to get yourself into a position where you can really afford to live your own lifestyle. All of us want to make more money and just imagine how earning extra income every month could help you reach your goals.


Another thing that you may want to look into is called intrinsic value. This refers to the idea that investing looks at the value of an investment based upon the income or value it can produce. There are several factors that can influence intrinsic value: 1. Does it generate interest income? This is true of bonds or businesses that issue loans that are then repaid with interest. 2. Does it generate dividends? These dividends come from the profits that a business generates. Higher profits can lead to higher dividends. Businesses that are legally required to pay out higher dividends also have a high intrinsic value, because they will generate to pay more stock holders than a more profitable business that pays lower dividends. 3. Is there a strong underlying growth model that will cause the value to rise? If the business will continue to grow, each share becomes more valuable. When the share of stock is sold at a higher price, this increase in value is given to the investment holder.