It would seem that in the cultivation and care of the cactus is straightforward as possible. The cactus plant is perfectly stuck in our apartments and requires no special conditions for growth and development. The very nature gave cactus protective properties that help to sustain a prolonged drought, which is why our apartments with central heating and low humidity is almost ideal for the growth of cacti. In growing this amazing plant it is advised for you to follow certain requirements because you can even kill a hardy and sturdy cactus plant.

A cactus will naturally tend to grow very slow. Do not ever overwater a cactus. Yes they do need water but Cacti will tend to grow much better with a lack of water as opposed to overwatering of the plants.

Fresh soil is harmful to the cactus. Most cacti like to present in the soil clay. Clay and broken brick, lime and crushed charcoal should be added to the base mixture for production of cacti, the main part of the mixture is coarse clean sand. The fresh soil and peat moss that your flowers and vegetables love will be killer to your Cacti.

Transplant cactus is in the early growth period. Transplant the cactus plant them into fresh, moderately moist soil and pack the soil extremely hard around the base of the cactus. After transplant cacti are kept in warm, humid place for 2 weeks, and then they are moved to their regular conditions.

The best time for grafting cacti is from March to August. If the root system dies or the lower part of the cactus begins to decay, the upper part should be cut off and rooted.

During the period of intensive growth of cacti, and this period usually occurs in the summer, cacti watered every morning but do not overwater. On colder days you should water the cacti less. If it is cooler in your home on a particular day then do not water the cactus unless you get the room heated back up where the cactus is. You need to remember that a cactus will grow in warm and hot regions, but you will not find them in Alaska. If your house is cooler than your cactus will struggle to grow and may even die if left too cold for an extended period of time.

In the interior when the cacti are placed on a windowsill, watering is reduced to a minimum, thus creating a natural rest and provide annual flowering of these plants.

Useful Tips

If you decide to buy a cactus, pay attention to the appearance of the plant. Cactus should sit tight in the soil and the tip of the plant should not be very bright. Cactus (except rocky forms) must be properly balanced. If there is an excess of growth arms leading off of one side but not the other or there are a lot of the tiny spines on side but not the other then do not buy the cactus as it was not took care of very well and is unhealthy. There should not be any sores, broken spines or rusty spots. There also should be no softening of tissues in the main base of the cactus. The soil in the pot should not be too wet.  If the cactus is swollen then it could be from being overwatered.

There are a lot of different cacti you can buy, but generally most of them will need to be treated basically the same. It is imperative that you do let your cactus constantly get too cold or it watered too much it will fail. Many people keep a cactus inside their home on the window sill but then as the temperature begins to drop the glass is cooler and lets in windy drafts that slowly kill the cactus.

You do not want to over water you cactus. Occasionally you can overwater your cactus if you are leaving on an extended vacation but it is imperative that the soil does not become “mushy” and muddy. If the soils is mushy then you have overwatered the cactus. If the base of the cactus is not firmly embedded in the soil then you have over watered your cactus plant.

Cacti are relatively easy to grow inside. People love how easy cacti are to grow but if you do not take the precautions you were warned about above then you will fail miserably at raising cacti. If you cannot raise a cactus to be healthy then you should not be growing anything.

When winter comes you may need to take one room to place all of you cactus plants in and then increase the heat in that room so they do not get too cold. If your family normally hangs out in the living room then you can place the cacti n that room and then the heat will keep them healthy as well as your family warm. If you tend to keep your home cooler then take a smaller room and place all the cacti in there, crank up the heat, and then shut the door.

Another huge benefit to having a cactus growing in your home is that cats will not disturb it near as much as they will regular plants. Cats love to slap plants around but they tend to learn rapidly not to mess with the spiny thorns of a cactus.

Dogs will still tend to knock the cactus over so keep it in an area where the dogs wagging tail will not be able to knock the cactus over. Dogs can be stupid and will even try to eat the cactus so please keep it away from your dog or you will be shoveling up some thorny poop from your house and will gave a very expensive medical bill at the Veterinarians office if you are lucky enough that your do even survives eating a huge cactus. Most dogs will stop, but some digs will continue too much on the cactus and the thorns.