Growing fresh oyster mushrooms is a very satisfying experience. Crisp, organically produced fresh mushrooms are quite pricey and often difficult to find, producing your very own oyster mushrooms a cost-effective choice. You are able to grow oyster mushrooms on straw or saw dust, but the most effective way to cultivate oyster mushrooms is on wood logs. You can buy the oyster mushroom plug spawn necessary for cultivating the mushrooms online. The perfect time to start out the procedure is at the beginning of early spring following the final frost.

Select a suitable log that's three to four ft. in length and also at most fourteen inches across. Pine or cedar wood logs aren't advisable, but the majority hard woods make the perfect grow medium. In the wintertime or early spring, find and cut a log with a few tiny splits within it to assist in propagating the mushroom mycelium. Let the log to age for a minimum of 90 days prior to plugging.

Drill down holes inside the log around 2 in. deep and 4 in. away from each other using a diamond layout. Stick in the oyster mushroom plug spawn completely into your drilled holes, knocking all of them into your log utilizing a rubber hammer. Plug the entire length and circumference of your log. On the ends of the log, insert some plugs underneath the tree bark all over the circumference of the log.

Position the log exactly where they'll be subjected to rainfall. Throughout a really dry period of time, water your log every 3 to 4 days.

Protect your log with straw, burlap or some other porous material to shield it in very cold temperatures. Ensure water vapour can escape. You may also transfer the log into a garden shed or garage in really cold conditions.

Pick your mushrooms after a period of nine to 12 months. When established, a log is able to produce for anywhere from 4 to 5 years and will “fruit” from springtime to early autumn.

Freeze or dry out the surplus fresh mushrooms soon after collecting all of them.

Oyster Mushrooms are a great food to produce at home, and have many health benefits.
They are high in Iron, Niacin and Vitamin D. They are also a very good source for anti-oxidants.

So go ahead, grow your own Oyster mushrooms at home!


Oyster Mushrooms growing on logs
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