Who is your hero?

As a child growing up I looked up to the ninja turtles and have great memories of those days. As I got older I got into reading comic books and like every child growing up, the superheroes in the comic books, were who I looked up to the most, “the fantasy characters” although fantasy, and made up by the imagination, have a strong energy attached to them even still today, in movies like Iron Man, Spider Man, and the forthcoming Captain America that will hit the big screen in the very near future. Then we got into movies like Indiana Jones and so on.. But Now, as a wiser, more experienced individual, I find that while growing up in Jr. High, Senior High School we meet so many people that inevitably influence us sometimes, positively or sometimes negatively. We can get caught up looking up to false idols so to speak, and even rap stars, etc.. I once heard a guy at a huge seminar I went to say, who do you want your children to look up to, Snoop dog, or you? I sure want to be my child's hero and make sure they have plenty of good influences to look up. My heroes just to name a few are:


*Martin Luther King

*The Founding Fathers of the US Constitution

*Barack Obama

*My 4th grade English Teacher

*My English, & Political Science Professors in College

*My Grandmother

*My Mother &Father

*The Leos Angeles Lakers & Head Coach, Phil Jackson

*My Friend's Mom, a (single mother)

*My Aunts & Uncles, the Happyologists

*My Spiritual Guides

*Bruce Lee

*Jim Carey

*Jackie Chan

*Robert Kiyosaki


As you can see are all ordinary people, but let's just call them “ordinary heroes” for the sake of this article. I once heard that the truest of heroes won't come in a DVD case, but live in your own home, your own neighborhood, work at your school, or job, or walked by you at your visit to the local market.

It is the people you least expect to call one, your mother, your father, your friend's uncle, or even the guy who picks up the trash from your yard once a week on Friday. If you look under the superheroe's suit, beneath the surface, there is a principle in which they stand for.















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