The island of Guam is classified as a United States territory. Territories are located at a distance from their parent country but still enforce the parent country laws. The island is the largest in a grouping called the Mariana Islands.

Native inhabitants of Guam are the Tano and Chamorro. The Tano and Chamorro people are a unique blend of previous ethnic groups who have occupied Guam at various historical points. Japanese, Filipino and Latino peoples combined to create the highly distinct physical appearance of the Chamorro. No one appearance represents "typical Chamorro." English is spoken on the island, however the Chamorro dialect is also used and has undertones reminiscent of the Spanish language.

Guam Beaches

Guam is home to U.S. military bases. Andersen Air Force base is located on the island and the Navy and Coast Guard also have bases there. The biggest tourist influx on Guam are residents of Japan. Guam is a 4 hour plane ride from Japan and a prime Japanese vacation spot. Retail establishments are owned and operated by Korean citizens. This unique dynamic gives Guam its distinctly Asian feel. Walking along the streets of Guam, you see signs in Japanese and Korean. You definitely know you are not in Kansas anymore.

Guam has multiple natural attractions. The island maintains a constant 85-90 degree year round temperature so beaches are constantly in use. Plans are altered during typhoons with the high typhoon season running from October-November. Numerous nature preserves and historical museums make exploring Guam a delight. Then there is shopping.

Heading to the shops on Guam is a treat. There are brands with limited or no retailing on the U.S. mainland, like Paul Frank and LeSportSac. There is Nike and Bebe, then there are stores that specialize in imported hard to find merchandise from Korea and Japan. The inventory is selected to appease Japanese consumers and with a sharp eye you can stock up on collectors items to sell on the mainland. There are also great higher end stores located on Guam.

Another notable quality about Guam is the nightlife. The Tamuning area of Guam is home to various nightclubs, karaoke bars and adult cabarets. This section of the island is popular with the military crowd for obvious reasons. The adult cabarets on Guam import foreign entertainers from countries including the Philippines, Korea and the United States. Most nightclubs in Guam are open 7 days a week.

Guam is a little untouched piece of paradise. If you truly wish to get away from it all, give Guam a try.