Sights to See in Guanajuato

Guanajuato: A Place of Education and Government

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Guanajuato is one of the places in Mexico you can go for a Mexican holiday. It is the capital of the Guanajuato State and is nearly five hours driving time from Mexico City. It used to be a big silver mining town, but now it is a place of education and government.

Silver is how Guanajuato Got Its Start

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Guanajuato was founded due to silver being found between 1540 and 1558. At one time this little village actually produced a third of all the silver in the whole world for nearly 250 years, and King Philip V. Mining, the king of Spain, gat it city status by 1741. The town was even given World Heritage status in 1987 by UNESCO and it has been ranked very highly as a great place for a Mexican vacation.

In 1558 a big silver vein was discovered in Guanajuato and produced nearly a third of all silver in the world by the next 250 years. The city was granted its city status in 1741 by Spanish King Philip V. Mining brought wealth to this town that spread towards its architecture and lifestyle. It is worth a trip for one of your future vacations in Mexico.

The historic town of Guanajuato and adjacent mines were granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1987 and has been ranked by several travel magazines as one of the top travel destinations in the world.

This little town has winding streets made of cobblestone with lots of picturesque plazas, beautiful churches, and friendly pedestrians. Trips to Mexico can’t be complete without a look at Guanajuato. Guanajuato means place of the frogs, so that means there are lots of frogs there and many people even keep them as their official pet of the city.

 How Can I Get to Guanajuato?

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On your trip to Mexico you can get to Guanajuato via the International airport, which is in the city of Silao. Flights are available from Los Angeles, Ontario, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose on several different airlines that travel to Mexico.

Or, you can travel to Mexico by bus, as that is the main form of transportation in the country and goes all around Mexico. Once you arrive, you can use taxis, trolleys, local buses, or even choose to walk because Guanajuato is not a big town at all. You can’t, however, take your car into Guanajuato so it’s best not to bring it at all. The city does have several tunnels you can use with a car to get out of town, however. These tunnels include El Barretero (runs west-east), La Galerena (runs north-south), El Minero (runs east west), Noroeste Ponciano Aguilar (runs east west), Tunel de Los Angeles (runs west east), Santa Fe (runs east west), Miguel Hidalgo (the largest of the tunnels and goes clear across the city from west to east.)

Sights to See in Guanajuato

There are many interesting sites to see on your Mexico travel to Guanajuato. These include:

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El Pipila – Statue of one of the town heroes that is 28 meters tall and sits at the top of San Miguel Hill. You have to take a cable car to get to this statue.

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Callejon Del Beso – It means back alley of the kiss and is in the downtown area. Pay the children some pennies and they will tell you its sad story.

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Jardin de la Union- Where many of the restaurants are located around a beautiful garden.

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Teatro Juarez – A beautiful and historic theater that was inaugurated by President Poririo Diaz in 1903.

All in all there is much to see in beautiful and historic town of Guanajuato.