I Need A Source of Guaranteed Credit Approval

Often people with bad credit are likely to be left behind in many online transactions. This is because of a common belief that such people cannot live beyond their financial downfall. However, it is long past such times when people with bad credit are alienated from online transactions. Despite their detriorating financial history, people with bad credit can be given other options to engage in online purchases.

Merchants always look forward to obtaining new clients as a means of extending business. It is the joy of a merchant to realize a new way of enhancing profit making as the day goes by. In the same way, people with bad credit are equally customers that can bring in additional revenue despite their messed financial status. It is necessary to understand that Bad Credit creates an unpopular rapport for any individual.

As a result, some merchants are likely to reject doing business with such a person. Nonetheless, there are a number of online credit companies that can go an extra mile to give such people extra chances. On the other hand, there are various online shops that may be willing to trade with such people.

Note: Make sure you do your own research on the guaranteed credit company you choose to deal with before getting into any sort of contract.  There are many guaranteed credit sources for people with bad credit or people who don't wish to have their credit run, but it is up to you to make sure the company you deal with is legitimate and that you be a good match for each other in terms of what they offer and what you need. You will also have to make sure that you read their terms and conditions as well as the terms of any loan carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Some terms you should be familiar with include:

Web Merchant: this is one of the online merchants able to assist people with bad credit to purchase items online. In order to receive assistance from web merchant, there are two distinct credit histories they must to verify.

Personal credit history: this history reveals past and ongoing credit tendencies on a personal level. This may also include some highlights in case of bankruptcy. Other factors include how old the debts are, how much a person is owed, how old the person is, and how far apart the debt are.

Business credit history: this refers to business people that may start another business without clearing old debts.

These two categories refer to a risk assessment for an application.  Once the histories have been verified, Web Merchant can either increase the settlement period of the pending debt or extend the rolling reserve.

  • There are other merchants that practice online trading who allow people with Bad Credit to buy good and service and pay for the same at a later date. Such sites include some clothing selling lines. There are some catalogs that include options specifically for people with Bad Credit. Such are the bad credit clothing catalogs.  
  • The shopping sites that allow such payments for people with Bad credit often have to high charges at the time of payments. This is due to the high interest rates that the merchants take advantage of with the bad credit history. However, this method is considered to be much better as compared to other means of payments for people with Bad Credit.
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  • Another means of extending credit top people with poor history in credit transactions is by introducing unsecured personal loans.  Alternatively referred to as signature loans are only provided by a number of money lenders. This loan may require one to provide proof of employment or any reliable source of income that stands as the security for the lender. Similarly, such unsecured loans are given at high interest rates that range between 8 to 20 percent or much more.


Some Sources of Guaranteed Credit For People With Bad Credit, No Credit Or People Who Don't Want To Have Their Credit Run

Store cards are an added advantage to people having a bad credit history. These are cards that have helped people build up their credit scores that come in handy during times of bad credit.  They are secured cards that do not affect the primary bank of the client, but influence and build up the customer’s rapport in terms of credit. In addition, this means has been considered are preferred because the client can only spend to the sated limitation and value given. Today, there are also mechant store cards that work similar to buy now pay later catalogs.  The store is actually displayed in catalog form and you get a credit line of $5000 or $10, 000 to shop from that catalog.  These store merchant catalog opportunities are also great ways to rebuild your credit, provided you use them wisely.

Capital one Secured MasterCard
This is a kind of secured credit card that serves people with a little or no bad credit history. In this case, the limitation of the credit card is determined by a person’s history in paying his or her previous debts. Nonetheless, this card has an advantage over other cards. The client can pay his or her debts in installments. This type of credit card is not only extended to people with disputable credit history, but is also beneficial for those who have reached bankruptcy.

Rewards Debit Card
These are cards that come in handy only to extend the credit line. Unlike other cards that may benefit the client, the reward cards do not affect the credit scores of an individual. This means that the person with this card has to accumulate enough points that are obtained every time he or she uses a debit card.


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