Guaranteed Good Date Ideas

1. Go to a Comedy Club or a Rock Concert

Good times can always be had at the local comedy club if you are looking for date ideas. Even if the acts are rubbish you can still both share in the amusement derived from their poor stage act! If, in fact, you see a hilarious comedian, it will end up being something you are both quoting for years to come! If it is a first date then this is the perfect test to see if you have a similar sense of humour. If you were both being quite shy and quiet going into the show, you certainly won't be coming out of it. Going to a rock concert is one of those really good date ideas, because if you both share a taste in music you can dance the night away, get squashed up against each other and get sweaty together! This has to be one of the top good date ideas for teenagers!

2. Visit a Theme park

Good date ideas always involve a shared experience you can both enjoy, which is why this is in my list. This is one of those especially good date ideas for guys because the girl can hold you close when you both go on the big rides! This is your chance to show her how much of a man you really are! The Good Date Ideasadrenaline rush from the rides will have you buzzing and sharing the feeling of elation as you stumble off of the rides, dizzy together.

3. Visit Museums or Art Galleries

For the more sophisticated romantic there are loads of free entry museums and art galleries to check out. If one of your good date ideas is investigating the extinction of the dinosaurs, or musing over some cubist sculptures then this is one of those creative date ideas that might just suit you perfectly. If both parties are after some intellectual discussion you won't be left disappointed, there will be plenty to chat about and really get to know each other, what a fun date!

4. Good (but competitive) Date Ideas

Now if you are after Valentines Day ideas, then this one might not be for you, but if it's a fun first date you are seeking then this could be the one. Good date ideas can stem from enjoyable times in your youth, such as going down to the penny arcade to play a couple of competitive rounds of air hockey. This could really get the heart beating! A nice bit of competition is a great date idea, as it always brings out the real fighting spirit in anyone. Another good example of a good date idea based around completion is miniature or 'crazy' golf...lowest score wins! One of you at least will have had a great date; the other one is left on the receiving end of some fully earned bragging rights. This is one of my favourite good date ideas!