Guardalavaca, translated literally to "guard the cow," is one of the most popular tourist resort locations in Cuba. The area is full of gorgeous beaches, secluded bays, and the ocean water is so clear that you can see right down to the bottom. Add to that the Guardalavaca hotels which are some of the best in all of Cuba. If you're looking for a relaxing one of a kind vacation spot, and you're not worried about spending a little bit of money, taking a trip to Guardalavaca Cuba is one of the best things you can do.

There are many resorts and hotels in Guardalavaca, tourism is possibly their most important economic resource, but there are three that stand out as being truly excellent. When you're looking for a vacation hotel you want to make sure that it is going to provide you with the most comfortable and easy going experience possible. When you're looking for a vacation hotel in Cuba you want to be sure that it is close to the beach, has a lot of amenities, and offers easy access to information about all of the local attractions.

Rio de Luna and its sister hotel Rio de Mares are two of the best resort hotels Guardalavaca has to offer. The hotels are located on a beautiful beach and offer packages for vacationers. You'll save money by staying for longer periods of time if you book with one of these hotels. The nice thing about these two hotels is that they work in unison with each other. Whether you are staying in the Rio de Luna or the Rio de Mares you are able to use the facilities of both and really enjoy the area they surround. There are nature trails, secret lagoons, and tons of opportunities for bird watching or horseback riding.

The nice thing about Guardalavaca is that it is such a small area. All of the great hotels are clustered together so you don't have to go very far to meet with other vacationers and have a good time. Of all the hotels in Cuba, the Guardalavaca hotels provide the most luxury for your money. You could spend all of your time in Villa Tortuga and never feel rested or you could head out to some Cayo Largo hotels and spend a little extra money for no real benefit, Veradero hotels might be cheaper but they aren't going to be as poignant.

Guardalavaca offers everything we have come to expect from a great vacation in Cuba. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, plenty of sun and lots of activities. It doesn't get much better than that, especially for the price.