guardian angelWhen someone survives a terrible car accident and he lives without even a scratch; people will say he was lucky or had a miracle. His guardian angel was watching over him. If you were to exploit the idea of everyone having a guardian angel, why do some people die and others survive? Was their guardian angel on vacation? Imagine you were assigned a guardian angel that couldn't be bothered to look after you. By the way, why don't these guardian angels warn you about an impending danger? If they did and you refuse to listen, then your guardian angel will not be the one to blame. Why do we easily think of a miracle and guardian angel when someone has a lucky escape? A lucky escape would imply randomness and the lack of a logical explanation. That is to say it could have easily gone the other way. If it were a miracle or guardian angel, divine intervention will be at work. Your guardian angel will be responsible for saving you. It will also mean that you will be forever safe. There will be someone always on the lookout. The very idea of destiny will be inexistent. Your guardian angel will watch over you and nothing evil will ever befall you.

We also tend to apply the word miracle and guardian angel to premature birth. In this case, doctors at times will say the baby might not live. If he lives and prove the doctors wrong, we conclude it was a miracle or du to the intervention of a guardian angel. Do miracles really exist? If you were to go back in time, in the bible, there were numerous occasions in which Jesus performed what is considered miracles. He raised the dead, fed more than a thousand people with only just a loaf of bread and a few fishes. According to the gospel account, he multiplied the bread and fishes and all in attendance were able to eat to satisfaction. All in attendance was about 5 thousand people. That is a lot of hungry mouths to feed. On another occasion, he turned water into wine. Imagine if you could do that. There will be anonymous alcoholics center on every street corner. Some will say that we have no proof that the miracles were real on a guardian angel intervened. There are no living eye witnesses who could corroborate those claims. Do you have a proof that black hole exists? You don't, but you still believe it because someone told you so. Those who believe in miracles blame it all on faith. You need to have faith to believe in miracles and guardian angels. You also need to have faith in science to believe everything you read about outer space, the galaxies and the universe.

In modern times, most Catholics believe in the powers of the Virgin Mary or the Saints and guardian angels. They believe if you have true faith and pray to the Virgin or the Saints, you could obtain a miracle. I say you could, because not everyone obtains a miracle and guardian angels are not always at hand to help. Furthermore, there are those who will attribute rational things to a miracle. For example, I was sick with flu and a prayed to the Virgin and a few days later I was healed or my guardian angel protected me from the flu. With this in mind, a lot of people have travelled far and wide in search of a miracle. Many have claimed to have been healed when they visited a holy site like the Vatican, Lourdes in Frances, Bruges in Belgium just to name a few. What if you cannot afford to travel that far to these locations for your miracles? Is God not able to perform a miracle no matter where you are? Jesus did perform a miracle without the person being physically present with him. True miracle is not limited by time or space, otherwise it becomes meaningless.The same applies or should apply to guardian angels

According to Wikipedia, a miracle is an act defying the laws of nature. Sometimes an event is also attributed (in part) to a miracle worker, saint, or religious leader. A miracle is sometimes thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature. Others suggest that God may work with the laws of nature to perform what people perceive as miracles.

If you go by this definition, anything that defies the law of nature can then be considered a miracle. That is to say, a miracle is anything that defies our current understanding of nature. Why is birth considered a miracle? Generally life is also considered a miracle. We understand to a certain degree the process of conception and birth, however, we still consider them a miracle. If we later gain better knowledge of nature and can explain the phenomenon from a scientific point of view, does that annul the miracle? Not quite! There are a lot of things that we can explain through science that are nonetheless considered miracles. Some will attribute such acts to mother nature. Some say mother nature is synonymous of miracles and guardian angels at work.

You must be a believer in the bible or other sacred writings to adhere to the idea of miracles. Since a large part of mankind actually believes in the existence of a divine being, then miracles are never far removed from our thoughts. However, on a daily basis we do experience miracles. When the earthquake in Haiti killed more than two hundred thousand people, we were all stricken with awe at the large scale of devastation. Nevertheless, when a child was pulled from the rubbles after being buried for a few days, we all scream "A MIRACLE" and a guardian angel at work. Does it defy the laws of nature? It does not defy the laws of nature. It probably defies the laws of probability. Doubting that miracles exist show how little we know about the world that surrounds us. We have come a long way with regards to knowledge but the more we learn, the more we realized that we don't fully understand. There are more questions than answers. We strive to find convincing answers either through science of through faith. Science has not been able to explain everything and neither has faith being able to enlighten us. Humans have a spiritual and physical need. Faith and science don't have to be mutually exclusive. Maybe the key to really understand who we are and how we fit into the grand scheme of things is to understand how spirituality relates to science. Maybe miracles exist; maybe we do have guardian angels; maybe science has not yet reached the level that will allow us to understand it all.