Foster a Military Hero's Pet While They're Deployed

Imagine you’re to be deployed. You’re stationed far from family and friends, and your closest buddies are your fellow soldiers. Who, then, can you ask to care for and love your precious pet(s) while you’re serving your country overseas? The answer is pet fostering, arranged for you by the not-for-profit organization, Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet.

When our heroes are deployed, serving their country, civilians can help out back on the home front by seeing that their ‘best friend’(s) – their pets – are well taken care of and loved by participating in pet fostering.

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The Mission Statement of Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet:

Supporting our Military, Veterans, and their beloved Pets to ensure the pets are reunited with their owners following a deployment (combat or peace-keeping mission) in harm's way to fight the global war on terrorism or unforseen emergency hardship impacting their ability to retain their pet's ownership rights.[5858]

Visit their website (, and click the link that reads, “Ways to Help.” There, you’ll read about five ways you can make a positive impact in the lives of our military service people and their pets: “Contribute,” “Foster A Pet,” “Volunteer,” “Other Ways to Help,” and “Our Store.” Foster a soldier’s pet while they’re deployed, and you’ll be supporting our troops, as well as helping their beloved animals.


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If you’re unable to foster a soldier’s pet while they’re deployed, please remember them when you plan your monthly, yearly, or Christmas charitable donations. Without sufficient funding, valuable programs like this one will come to a halt. Your financial contribution will make a tremendous difference in the lives of a service person and their pet(s).

Donating to this worthwhile charitable organization is easy. Giving is as simple as writing a check, completing a money order, or using your credit card and/or PayPal. And to show their appreciation and respect for their benefactors and their donations, Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet has transparency, as their website explains where and how your money is apportioned within their organization.

"Foster A Pet"

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Sign up, today, to foster a soldier’s pet(s) in your home while our troops are deployed from home serving and protecting us. If you’re able to foster a pet(s) in your home, read all the information, and click the link to fill out the “Application to Foster a Pet.” And since the military member covers all costs for their pet(s), hosting them in your home won’t cost you a dime, but your love and devotion to their pet(s), in giving them a home, will mean everything to that soldier deployed far from home.


Volunteer with the Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets nonprofit organization. Many volunteer opportunities exist. Read and discover how you can help this valuable charity help its deserving recipients, and apply to be a volunteer today.

"Other Ways to Help"

When you shop, use the “” and “eBay’s Giving Works – Shopping for the Greater Good” service so that a percentage of your purchases can be routed to Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets. Check out the details on their website, under the heading “Other Ways to Help.”

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"Our Store"

Show your pride and dedication to this important cause by purchasing merchandise bearing their name and insignia. And best of all, your payments go to help all those beloved pets.

A Warm and Fuzzy Moment ...

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To truly appreciate the invaluable work this organization does for our troops, please click on the tab “Video,” to watch a news clip that will touch you heart and soul.

When you foster a service person’s pet(s), while they’re deployed, through Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet, you’re helping our courageous soldiers who signed up with our military to give everything to ensure our freedom.