Guardians of the Galaxy Costume for Halloween Gamora Will be a Hit With Girls

The Marvel Comics summer blockbuster movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, stars five characters who begrudgingly band together to fight intergalactic crime. Among the five superheroes is one lone female, whose name is Gamora.

Gamora is the last of her species, who were known as the Zen Whoberi.  She is the adopted daughter of Thanos, who found her and trained her to be an assassin so she could one day avenge the death of her family and her people. She learned all kinds of knife skills, as well as gymnastics and several different kinds of martial arts.

However, as she got older and became an adult, she realized that her true enemy was Thanos, the man who had raised her. With her superpowers of being able to heal quickly, speed and strength, she leaves Thamos’ realm and fights her enemies on her own terms.

Who Exactly is Gamora?

The Official Gamora Halloween Costume for Girls


Is your daughter ready to protect the galaxy from the evil Ronan?  She will be in the rocking Gamora costume. This is a black, one piece jumpsuit that is sleeveless.  If you live in a colder climate, your daughter can either put a black Under Armor shirt,  thermal, or long sleeved turtleneck or tee shirt underneath to give her the layer of warmth she needs without detracting from the look she wants to achieve.

The collar, which is detachable, has a faux stone design on it.  The top of the jumpsuit has green in the center with a criss-cross design. There is a swirl of silver running on each side of the green center.

There is an attached belt with silver accents at the end, and the legs also have the same swirl design on each one.  The boot covers give her the look of wearing actual boots, which will go great over a comfortable pair of sneakers that are better suited for going door to door to gather treats.

The final part of the costume of the gloves. The cover the hand and go up to the arm, almost to the elbow.  Two pieces of black material cross and make an "X" design, which appears twice on each arm.



Our featured superhero has long brown hair that is dipped red at the ends. This wig is very inexpensive. Buy some red hairspray which is found easily during this time of year to color the ends. Voila! Instant wig at a very cheap price! 

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The Final Touch

What makes Gamora stand out from the other characters in the film is that she is green.  If your daughter really wants the full effect of wearing a Gamora costume for Halloween, then she will need to paint her face green.  It does not have to be heavy...simply use a sponge applicator to dab on the color as lightly or as heavily as she wants.

This Gamora Halloween Costume for girls is going to be very popular for Halloween.

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