A lot of people have been inspired by the recent success of the artist Gucci Mane. He has released a number of albums that each have sold well and helped him to get a lot of respect from his friends and family in the streets of Atlanta. One song in particular that has gotten a lot of national attention is his song "Bricks." It features the other artists Yo Gotti and his good friend Yung Ralph. All three of the artists are friends with each other and all have gone through their life as hustlers on the street. The average listener may not be able to discern what "Bricks" represents in the song, but most rap fans will be able to give you a good description of the meaning behind the lyrical content.

The title "Bricks" and chorus of the song signify the life as a person who sells drugs on the street. The drugs are often packaged in a "brick" format and the person selling the bricks carries them around on the streets. The individuals that engage in buying of the drugs end up paying for either a quarter brick, half of a brick, or a whole brick. In Gucci Mane's song "Bricks" he refers to all different types of bricks and the colors that they are. Each brick is colored a different color depending on the type of substance that it is carrying. Gucci talks about "white bricks" and "all tan bricks" because that is what he has seen on the streets.

The majority of people who listen to Gucci Mane believe that he has dealt drugs in his past. However, it was something that he learned and felt that he needed to do if he ever hoped to make money to support his ideal lifestyle. Today, he focuses more on his music career, but still has memories that linger from his flawless occupation of hustling. His music has been so well accepted by his community as well as the entire nation of rap fans, that he has been able to earn plenty of money from doing shows and performing his hit songs like "Bricks."

This song was monumental for Gucci Mane as an artist because it really took his stardom to the next level. The beat on this song was created by his favorite producer who goes by the name of Zaytoven. The future for Radric Davis a.k.a. Gucci Mane is looking very bright because his song "Bricks" is so well accepted in rap-culture. His fans can expect a lot more great songs from him in the future.