A song by the artist Gucci Mane called "Icy" is one of the best songs to ever get promoted in the genre of rap music. The song was so good that it ended up causing copyright disputes because one artist wanted to use it for his album. Anyways, back on September 13, 2005, the song was released as a single for the artist Gucci Mane. Nobody from Gucci Mane's record label thought that the song would receive any national attention let alone much local attention. Though it never reached number one on the national charts, it did end up making enough noise to break onto the billboard's top one-hundred singles chart.

The creation of the song involved an artist by the name of Boo, who sang on the chorus as well as the southern-legend Zaytoven, who dealt with the production. Another rapper named Young Jeezy, who was friends with Gucci Mane in 2005, ended up making a guest appearance on the song's opening verse. Because Jeezy started out the song with his verse, many people started to think that it was his song. Gucci Mane did not like the fact that Young Jeezy was performing it and telling people that he had full rights to the song. Jeezy was about to add the song to his final track listing for his premier album "Thug Motivation," but Gucci Mane did not grant him the rights.

Eventually, a feud developed between the two artists over the "Icy" song because Jeezy felt that he should have been given rights. Gucci was enraged that his friend wanted to use the song in order to propel his career forward, while leaving Gucci behind. The song was so enormously popular that it ended up breaking up a good friendship of two great hip hop recording artists. It ended up selling very well as a single and would be featured on only one album called "Trap House." The album was released on an independent-record-label and received little promotion, but it was still able to reach the list of America's top ten rap albums for 2005.

There is a lot to be said about the song "Icy," including the fact that it was a groundbreaking song for the careers of every artist involved. Zaytoven, the producer, captured the attention of millions with his infectious beat, while Boo added a unique chorus to the track that got stuck in the heads of every teenage rap music fan. Everybody that was into listening to rap and hip hop music really liked hearing the southern chemistry that was shared between Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy on their verses. It is only hoped that another independent song in the world of rap music will be as good and as catchy as Gucci Mane's "Icy."