Guest Blogging Vs Blogging on Your Own Website
What makes some bloggers choose to do guest blog posts while others choose blogging on their own website?
What are some of the advantages of doing guest blogs?

1. Authority Sites-
You can gain quite a bit of traffic back to your own site by guest blogging on an authority site with a high page rank. Your website may be new or relatively new and won't have the page rank of a site you submit a guest post on.

2. Link Backs-
You will be able to gain links back to your website by doing guest blog posts. In exchange for your excellent and relevant content you will gain possible readers from each bloggers site.

3. Relationships-
Working from home on the internet can get lonely at times. Guest blogging opens up a community of friendships and support from other bloggers in your niche. By forming these relationships you can potent
ially gain new ideas in your niche and also gain more guest blogging opportunities.

4. Variety-
When you do guest blog posts you have the opportunity to experiment with new techniques in your writing styles. Allowing a platform to showcase different voices.

5. Reputation-
If you guest blog for a website with a good reputation, lots of readers, and high Alexa ratings you can ride on the coattails of the website owner and gain a little of that reputation for yourself and your business.

6. Networking-
Whether you blog for business or for a hobby, many times readers will read the blog post and leave a comment if they really enjoyed the article. So as the guest blogger you will have an opportunity to interact with those readers who left their comments. This can turn into a great way to network with those readers and possibly gain business.

But What About The Disadvantages?

1. Reputation-
Only doing guest blogging for business purposes on other peoples blogs can keep you from attracting visitors to your website who look to connect with the site owner via a blog. Visitors may love your website and then actually search for your blog due to the fact that most everyone has one.

2. The Waiting-
With the purpose of blogging for business purposes you may have to wait long periods of time waiting for the website owner to get back to you on your request to guest blog. This makes it hard to plan ahead with content ideas.

3. Rejection-
You create one of your best guest blog posts ever but for one reason or another your blog post gets rejected by the site owner. This can be discouraging.

Blogging for business exposure on other peoples blogs can be a good way to draw traffic back to your own site. You have to weigh the pros and the cons and decide accordingly. It make take awhile to establish a good sized group of clients to work with.

On the other hand spending that time creating your own blog can prove beneficial to your business. If you choose to add a blog to your site you can then offer others the chance to guest blog post.  This can free up some of your time.  Adding on a blog to your established site isn't that difficult. Either way you will have time involved in blogging for business success.