If you are considering heading to Barbados this year, then instead of booking the “all inclusive” where you get the hotel, food and everything looked after, why not consider a house rental in Barbados?

Waverly House Patio

This is something we tried last year, and absolutely loved it.  We rented the “Waverly House” in Barbados right on the beach.  We did this with 2 other couples.  It has 3 gorgeous bedrooms, full service kitchen and bathrooms and an additional outdoor shower to get rid of sand off the beach.  Now before you start thinking that you will have to cook and clean, this is not so. 

This guest house in Barbados, came with the support staff to run it.  You can get different packages, but we chose one where we shopped for the food, but the staff cooked it.  This way we could enjoy the local flair and food. 

The cook we had in Waverly house was a great cook, and she would simply ask us what we would like for dinner that night.  She would suggest many things, and then once we agreed on something she would send us with a list of ingredients needed to cook that fresh supper later.

We would head out and enjoy the day and see the sites in Barbados, and then stop at the fresh fish markets and get the things on the list (she suggested some of the best places to shop).  Once we brought them home the staff would cook up the dinner and serve it to us on our own private patio which was on the beach.

Waverly House outdoor Shower(55153)

This is definitely a way to enjoy Barbados.  These houses are privately owned and are taken care of by a local service.  You can usually find them on the internet, but we dealt with Bajan Services, and they were great.

You can get a package where all the food is decided for you and purchased a head of time, but for us, this was a part of the day that we enjoyed, purchasing the fresh ingredients for supper at the markets.  The water is fresh there and totally drinkable from the taps, so water was never a concern either and it tasted good.

We would then lounge on the private beach and swim and then head back to the patio for dinner.  They would then clean up the dishes, and leave us for the night and then head back in the next morning and prepare breakfast for us if we wanted and then clean up the house while we were out and about.

I found this to be a much more relaxing way to stay.  All inclusives can be fun, but there was something just more personal about a house rental in Barbados.  When split between couples it was not any more expensive, and it gave us a way to really enjoy the small towns around as we shopped for food.

If you find yourself wanting a island vacation this year, then consider Barbados and look up guest houses in Barbados, or house rentals with Bajan Services.  If you get one right on the beach, then you will never want to leave. 

We toured the island, and saw many things, but we always looked forward to heading back to our “house” afterwards.  It just felt like coming home rather than to a hotel room scenario.

You can get really good deals if you go slightly off season.  We went October 31st for 10 days, and it was cheapest then as the rates went up slightly for the winter season.  I have now been spoilt when it comes to package holidays.  Now that I know how it all works, I will most likely be doing this again next year.