Pregnancy is a worthy and desirable experience. It is gratifying to be counted worthy of use by God in His baby-making miracle. Ideally, every married woman desires to conceive and bear children during her productive years, as promised by God. When that happens, she needs the support of her husband to go through the nine-month pregnancy course, which is quite daunting most of the time.

The interesting thing about child-bearing is that the husband’s role is very minimal. All the husband needs to do is to sleep with his wife and once she is pregnant, he has little or no more role to play since every other thing takes place within the body of his wife.

However, as a responsible husband, you should do more than taking a back seat in the birth of your child; that is the only way you can show your love for both your wife and the unborn child. Whatever you do at this time, deepens your wife’s trust and builds a close bond between you and the unborn child. Moreover, although many may dispute it, the child actually belongs to you. It is, therefore, very reasonable that you play a more active role in processing your child’s arrival on earth. Apart from that, God will reward you for playing a role in his miracle of child-making.

Your Role

There is no specific role for you as regards taking care of your pregnant wife. What is required of you, basically, is to be willing and ready to take up any role as occasion demands. Most of the time, what you do is situational and so, be observant to be able to know what to do at any given time and do it.

Be Excited

Caring for your pregnant wife begins from the moment she informs you she has conceived. The way you receive the news is very important. You should be excited in spite of any reservations you may have, concerning the pregnancy. Congratulate her and assure her of your active support.

Seek Information

Thereafter, you should go further to gather as much information as possible on pregnancy. When you understand pregnancy and its demands you will be in a better position to assist your wife. This information is readily available if you put your mind to it. Ask other husbands, particularly those whose wives had been pregnant previously. You can also ask your wife what she wants as well as surf the Internet or read books, scouring for useful information that can help you to help your pregnant wife.

Keep Doctors' Appointments

A pregnant woman always attends the ante natal clinics, which is very vital. It is at such clinics that doctors attend to and prepare her for safe delivery. You need to create the time to accompany her on her appointments with the doctor no matter your commitment to other engagements. It may not be all the time but doing so helps you to follow on the progress of the pregnancy and be of greater assistance to your wife. This gives her psychological boost that she can count on you

Reduce Chores

Usually, women engage in so many activities in and around the house. This time of pregnancy, your wife would certainly do with less of that. In fact, she must be relieved of whatever will stress her up and the best way to do that is to take up most of these chores yourself or get assistance.

Prove Your Mettle

Pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges for both the wife and her husband. At such times, a pregnant woman spits or vomits almost constantly; even the frequency of urination increases. As discomforting or nauseating as the situation may be, you must brace up for the challenges, including frequents bouts of health challenges, like morning sickness. She too is not enjoying it and so, the best you can do for her is to bear with her and handle those challenges well. 

Reverse roles

For a change, you can allow your wife to recline in the settee, watching television or sipping tea while you prepare the meal. This temporary reversal of roles does not make you any less a man and her husband. For once, you can run errands for her, even doing the shopping. You can also draw her bath and give her a massage. Honestly, you will find doing this enjoyable and exciting.

Be Charitable

You will notice that dealing with your wife in her pregnant state is difficult. This is because her behaviour changes and you can hardly understand her. Most of the time, she acts unreasonably and can make you exasperated with nagging and complaining about almost everything. The best thing you can do is to be charitable and patient with her, knowing that it is just for a while. Actually, she is not enjoying it herself but is being propelled by changes going on within her over which she has no control.

Rest, More Rest

You must ensure that your pregnant wife gets adequate rest; she deserves it. Do not allow her to participate in any energy-sapping activity and make sure that she devotes much of her time to resting. Also check on her while sleeping ensure that she observes the right sleeping posture and neither sleeps on her stomach nor her back.

Same Old Baby

Women are finicky about their looks, whether they are Christians or not. However, pregnancy distorts virtually everything about her, including her looks. She loses her trim, shapely figure and smartness. Instead, she appears swollen, dour and is no longer brisk in movement, almost always tired. Truly, it is disheartening for her to see these transformations and she begins to nurse fears that you may no longer find her appealing. You reassure her that she is still as beautiful as she was when you first met her. Commend her new looks and assure her she would soon bounce back to that curvy shape she craves for and used to have.

Listen, Act

It is true that your pregnant wife complains a lot. It is advisable to listen patiently to her complaints because some of them are genuine fears. Assuage her fears and attend to her complaints for as much as you can. It will be better to arm yourself with some facts that will enable you to disabuse her mind about certain fears she may be nursing.

Show Understanding

Pregnancy comes with a lot of dos and don’ts. Your pregnant wife, naturally, is barred from certain meals, habits or activities, some of which you used to enjoy together. Well, as a loving, caring Christian husband, it is advisable to defer to her and, out of sympathy, also bar yourself from those particular things she has been told not to do. Even if it is impossible for you, at least, avoid doing so in her presence. It will make her feel you understand and are bearing the burden with her.

Commit it to God

Pregnancy is a gift from God. He is responsible for everything and will surely see your wife through. However, you must leave everything in His hands through prayer. Talk to God constantly about your wife’s state and pray for her safe delivery. Also, talk to your wife about the promises of God, concerning her condition and His faithfulness to see that His Word comes to full  manifestation.


Pregnancy is a proof of manhood; not necessarily in being able to father a child but also in how you play your role till the child is born and even beyond. You are man enough only when you play your role towards your pregnant wife creditably well. You have much to gain by doing so, as God Himself will applaud you for living up to your role in the process of bringing life into being. Of course, your grateful wife is comforted in loving you, assured that she can trust you and you can now be justified when your unborn child arrives and calls you ‘daddy’ because you earned it.

Caring for Pregnant Wife
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