Green Garden

It's not difficult to live green. You can change easily your life style and reduce your bills. If you follow the next principles, you will make the world a better place for you and your children.

  • Green garden

Gardens play an important role in protecting biodiversity. First thing you need to do is collect rain water that you can use lately to water your garden. Next thing you can do is compost your garden waste to use it on your garden. Buy compost and use it to in order to provide good balance of nutrients, which maintains the soil. You don't need to use any chemicals.

Grow a hedge and trees that can be a great shelter for wildlife. They will also reduce pollution and noises. You have to plant wild flowers, too, because they will attract insects and butterflies. Do not use chemical pesticides!

Water Saving
  • Water Saving

Everyone of us uses 150 litres of water daily. You don't have to waste this precious resource. Wash your vegetables and fruit in a bowl, because you can use the water to water your plants. Do not wash your vegetables and fruit under a running tap, because you will waste much water.

When you boil water, use the minimum amount in order to save energy and water. If your taps drip, change them, because a dripping tap can waste 26 litres in 24 hours. Take a shower instead of a bath, because it uses a third of the amount of water the bath uses.

It's quite important to collect water from baths, showers and washbasins and to use it to flush toilets or water your plants.

  • Usage of Cars

Cars and other motor vehicles pollute the air you an your children breathe! That's why it's essential to use other forms of transport, if possible. You can walk or cycle. You will improve air quality, reduce traffic and get more healthy and energetic. You will definitely feel better. If you can't avoid using your car, you have to tune it regularly and test its emissions. If you drive slower, you will use 30 percent less fuel. You will save money, because fuel is expensive in most countries and at the same time you will pollute less. Next thing you have to do is check the pressure of your tyres, because under inflated tyres make your engine work harder. The best thing you can do in case you have to use a car is buying a greener car.

Living green nowadays is not an option, it's a must. Despite the difficulties, we have to adapt to the new way of live, if we want a better future for us. We need to learn more about the green life style and share it will our family, friends an collegues. Remember, we're all responsible for the changes happening on our planet and we have to do our best to revert the process. We have to provide now a better future for us, for our children and for our planet.

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