Electronic voice phenomenon or E.V.P for short, refers to electronically generated noises that can be interpreted as speech. Usually found in static or background noise by increasing the gain of the audio clip. Many people believe the phenomenon is of paranormal origin.

So how can you go about experimenting with this unusual occurrence?

To get started, You really only need a few things...

  • A Computer (laptop is best for portability)
  • Audacity (open source audio editing program)
  • A microphone (The more sensitive the better)
  • Headphones
  • Manners

As described above, you will need a Mic that can interface with your computer. I find that headset microphones work exceptionally well but you can use any Mic you have. The first step is to Download Audacity and install it on your machine. Make sure the mic is plugged in and is selected as the recording device in the program.

Set Everything up in the area you wish to record in and click on the record button.



Now, as mentioned earlier manners are required if you expect any response. Would you answer a strangers questions if they weren't polite and courteous? Announce that you would like to communicate and any response will be appreciated. Explain that it would be best to be close to the microphone. You may want to ask some of the following example questions.


  1. What is your name?
  2. Have you passed on?
  3. How did you die?
  4. How many spirits are with me?
  5. Can you see me?


As for number one, It's always a good idea to provide your name as well! Be sure to allow adequate time for a response in between questions. You can ask anything you like but do so in a respectful fashion. Speak as if there is a person next to you and be clear and concise with any questioning.

Once you have your audio recorded and you're satisfied with the length, etc. you can move on to analyzing the audio track. In audacity, Play through and listen carefully and pinpoint anything out of the ordinary. E.V.P's are usually only heard on playback, However they can be very quiet and may need amplification. This can be done by selecting the portion of sound with the selection tool and going to the effects tab and selecting "Amplify".

Move the slider to the desired position to boost the gain of the sound clip. It's always wise to preview the changes you have made before applying them to make sure the audio doesn't become distorted and choppy.



Upon further analysis and if you're lucky, You might just have an E.V.P and some responses to your questions! 

Tip: Always wear headphones when searching Through the noise!

Good Luck and happy hunting!


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