eMachines EL1360-UR30P Budget Desktop PC


Hello and welcome to our inspection of some of the best budget desktop pcs which our currently generating a lot of attention and therefore we thought it's was time to release an article which is targeted at helping those shopping on a budget find the best possible system for their personal needs.

First Of All we would like to clear one matter up, it looks that in this day and age lots of individuals relate budget with cheap low performance systems. This could not be further from the truth because with a bit of smart shopping and research you can quite easily find budget desktop pcs which offer not only high performance but that low price tag you have been looking for. Now of course there are examples out there on the market which honestly are just not worth the price tag attached and thus the ground we felt the need to write this article.

We are now going to take a look at 2 very effective budget computers including supplying you with a general look at what these models have on offer whilst not going into too much detail.

First up is the eMachines EL1360-UR30P which at the time of writing priced at an amazing $299.99 which by any means is a budget price tag and the performance is not sloppy either. This system is running a AMD Duel core processor backed up by 2GB RAM memory which is more then enough to deal with your average day to day tasks as well as the more intense tasks you may encounter. This desktop has so much to offer and at such a low price and even comes complete with Windows 7 Home Premium edition which adds even more value to an already top budget system. We highly recommend you consider this desktop as you will find it difficult to match the performance and features on offer here within the same price range.

Next up is a little bit more costly then the last computer but also has more to offer in terms of performance and features. The HP Pavilion p2-1110 costs just $366.53 and is running an impressive MD E-Series E-450 Dual-Core Processor and 3GB RAM memory which offers a simple yet powerful system perfect for a wide range of uses whether it be personal or professional this computer will please in all fields. You should also note that this HP budget desktop has a huge 500GB hard drive and even goes as far as adding 5.1surround sound capabilities which we have to say is a nice touch for a lower priced desktop. Again this is another system we highly recommend to consider if your shopping on a tight budget.

So there you have it 2 budget computers which could perhaps be 2 of the greatest budget desktop pcs presently out on the market. Shopping on a tight budget effects most of us at present but we believe this should not mean low performance or quality and thus our endeavor to seek out the best budget models of all consumer electronics will continue. We hope this article has helped you in some way, we will keep writing new articles as and when we find new products which we think are worth writing about.

HP Pavilion p2-1110