An old technique used to preserve floor is floor coating. It allows the floor to last a lot longer and also protects it against damage from daily use and extend the life of the floor. Most people think that wood floors are the only type of floors that can be coated, but almost any type of floor can be coated; tile, cement, wood, etc. So, lets get started breaking down exactly what garage floor coating is.

Benefits of Garage Floor Coating

The benefit of coating your garage floor is that it protects the ground from everyday wear and tear like oil and grease stains, and a whole bunch of other things that can spill on it. This is in addition to protecting it from any snow or rain you drag into the garage when you park your car.

The Floor Coating Process

The most common garage floor coating is epoxy. Since most garage floor are made from concrete or cement, these techniques should for you and your garage.

Before you do anything, clean all of the loose debris and dirt from the floor. Make sure that the floor is thoroughly cleaned. Sweep all of the loose dirt with a clean broom. Here is a little trick to get some of those unsightly stains out of the floor. Once you're done sweeping, the floor with a natural cleaner; this brings up and out any stains or discolorations before you start applying the proxy.

Once you're down cleaning the floor and getting rid of most of the stains, rinse any remaining chemicals down with a hose. You don't need a special hose; just use the one you currently have and make sure not to wet the walls. Oh, and rinse the floor towards the door so that the water runs out of your garage instead of remaining inside.

Make sure you follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of the epoxy coating. Mix and prep it according the directions on the paint can. The directions are usually located on the side of the container or package. I can not stress following the directions enough. It will save you a lot time in the long run.

Now wait until the next day to actually start applying the first layer of epoxy coating. You should wait until the next day to make sure that the floor is completely dry. This will allow the coating to set properly. Use a long paint roller to evenly roll the paint along the entire garage floor. Do it slowly, so that you don't miss a spot. When you paint the corners, use a narrow brush to apply it thoroughly. You definitely won't miss a spot around the corners and edges.

Now let the coating sit for 24 hours before applying the second coating. The purpose of the second coating is to ensure that the epoxy has covered the entire floor and that it is thick enough to protect the first, underlying layer. 24 hours after the second coating has dried, your garage should be safe for normal usage. Just make sure you park your car in there for at least a week to let the epoxy settle.

Oh, quick reminder when you're applying the epoxy. Make sure that you start from the back and work your way towards the garage door opening. This way you'll be able to exit the garage when you're done.

Epoxy Retailers

You can purchase garage floor epoxy from major home improvement store, local hardware store, and even online.