You probably don't have a lot of space for decorating in your bathroom. This doesn't mean that you still can't have a defined theme or style. Use bathroom decorative accessories to create a theme or add in color to your space. Here are a few tips to inexpensively change the decor of your bathroom.

If you are decorating a kid's bathroom then look to their toys for accessories. You can display their bath time toys such as placing rubber ducks on floating shelves to turn them into instant artwork or for added storage space to your area. Then you can head to the dollar store and find dump trucks or flower pots that can also double as toothbrush holders or storage items. This allows you to create a theme using items that you already have in your home without spending a lot of money. It also ensures that the only decorating limitation you have is your imagination.

Keep things elegant. This is important to give your bathroom a spacious spa feeling. You could use a variety of oversized glass jars to display cottonballs or washcloths in a very high end way. Remember, that you don't have to shop in the bathroom section for your bathroom accessories. This allows you to get a unique look and create a very functional space.

Know when it's time for cute items and when you want to go with a more sophisticated look. If you go with lots of themed items your room can feel cluttered or even make it too claustrophobic. This might work well for a kid's bathroom but you may want to take a less literal approach for a guest bath or in a master bathroom. For instance, instead of going with a lot of country themed items you bring in more vintage accessories for more of a rustic farmhouse feel. You can even display old hot and cold water faucet handles by turning them into hooks on a shelf.

Spend a little more money on items that you truly love. There isn't a lot that goes into home bathroom accessories. You might have a tissue holder, toothbrush holder, and a few pieces of artwork. This means that you can really spend a little more money on items that you truly love because in really sparse rooms these will make a large impact.

Learn to mix and match expensive items with less expensive items. If you can't afford to buy an entire new set of towels then invest in new hand towels that coordinate with your existing set. This allows you to bring in fine trim or monograms to really freshen up the look and give it more of an elegant feel. Don't stop yourself from redecorating just because you can't afford an entire remodel.

Use your shower curtain as an area for improvement. This is a bathroom decorative accessory that can really change the look of your room. Instead of a cheap vinyl shower curtain invest in something a little nicer. You can always keep your existing shower curtain to use as the liner for a more expensive fabric curtain. These items really aren't that expensive, but they add a lot of color and pattern to your room. You can even go with fun themes or focus on bringing a metallic element to your room.