Many people continually struggle with the ability to allow themselves to get a proper night’s sleep. Either they perceive their life has too much happening to waste hours with their eyes closed in restful peaceful slumber. Many individuals have bought into the idea that the harder and longer you work the better off one will be. Many Americans limit their sleep on an average night to four to six hours of rest. By any estimation that is not enough. The proper amount of sleep will allow a body, mind and spirit to rest and regenerate and become more productive and creative. There are a few simple things that any individual can do to improve their sleep patterns which will help people be more productive and live happier lives.

One of the simpler things that any individual can do to get to sleeping better is to start and maintain a regular exercise routine. This doesn’t mean that running a marathon is needed to be worn out enough to fall to sleep. It means that by working your body on a regular basis, your brain will release endorphins that make overall health more attainable and enjoyable. Losing weight is another great benefit of exercise and it has been proven that when a person loses weight they are able to reach and maintain comfortable levels of sleep.

Avoiding drugs and alcohol is another great way to increase the amount of restful sleep that a person has each night. Many people falsely believe that consuming alcohol will lead to easy and sound sleep but that is not true. In fact the rest a person experiences under the influence of alcohol is often fitful and a person fails to reach a deep restful sleeping state. It is not uncommon for those who drink to wake up tired and irritable because of this.  The same can be said for drugs as well. Even if the drug is taken to enhance sleep, eventually a person has to wean themselves off the drug and learn to sleep on their own. This is true for everything from Marijuana to cold medicine. 

A good night’s slumber is extremely valuable in order for people to develop their ability to its maximum potential. A person who sleeps only four hours but runs that rest of the day on sixty percent efficiency is not going to be overall productive. This also means that the enjoyment that they do get from life is going to be somewhat limited.