Do I Need to use a specific Bonsai soil or just normal soil?

The heightened popularity of cultivating Bonsai trees has brought with it many more expert stores, with the web being virtually awash with Bonsai supplies. As a beginner, it's normal for people to go out and buy all kinds of things they think they would probably need to ever grow a Bonsai. However, there is a good possibility you won't need it all. You can purchase Bonsai soil at very affordable prices these days, and this soil is mixed to the best mixture of nutrients, soil and grit that will help your Bonsai develop, but some enthusiasts of the ancient art of Bonsai would most likely think of this as cheating.

As a beginner, it is crucial you do whatever you can in making your first Bonsai as successful as you can. Many individuals will throw in the towel after just one disappointment, and when you consider how long a Bonsai may take to reach maturity this really isn't an overnight hobby. You need to get into a regime of regular watering, yearly potting and lots of care and attention in order to be able to have a beautiful Bonsai for your challenges.

Is Bonsai soil pricey?

Bonsai soil shouldn't be costing you much more than regular potting compost or bags of nutrient rich soil which you work with your garden. An excellent Bonsai soil, however, may contain a long list of elements such as clay, soil and also bark. Some of these ingredients possess the nutrients which the Bonsai will thrive on, and having to pay that tiny bit more can certainly encourage good healthy growth out of your treasured project.

Regardless of whether you decide you want to apply bags of Bonsai soil or create your own soil there are certain things you need to ensure of before planting your Bonsai in your soil. An excellent Bonsai soil needs to have excellent water flow to ensure the water can leak towards the roots and out of the bottom of the soil and via the holes in your plant container. It's really a good option to have two different soils, one rougher than the other. This way, the screened soil acts as a type of irrigation for your plants.

As well as this, you might want to think about purchasing nutrient supplements that you can add when repotting or mix with all the soil which you use. Even so, if you are growing your Bonsai in a suitable area this is not constantly needed.