A hammock chair is also known as a swinging or hanging chair which is usually suspended from a stand. Unlike regular hammocks, these chairs take up less space because they are made for people to sit in a more upright position on these. The hammock chairs come in different sizes and styles. They are designed to fit to adapt to any circumstance  and can be strategically placed both indoors and outdoors. The most popular types are those made of cotton. They are sturdy and have the capacity to support the weight of any person. They are very comfortable as well. 

Choosing a Chair

First, choose a specific style according to the design specifications. The standard size comes with a spreader bar and is mostly used for outdoor use. The indoor variety needs lesser space because it does not use the bar. Then select the fabric required.

Hammock ChairCredit: MuffetCredit: Muffet

Although the most common fabric is cotton, which is very comfortable and strong, another material used is polyester, which is highly durable and can resist salt water damages, humidity and UV rays. However, it is not flexible like cotton. For cooler climates, choose the quilted varieties. While buying, make sure that it comes with the O ring and cloth woven rope for hanging the chair from the stand. For the outdoors, use the spreader bars to maintain the shape. For indoor usage, use it without the bars and it needs to be hung from a higher point.

Mayan Hammock

Mayan hammocks are hand woven products, which are widely known for their quality. They are woven by skilled artisans, mostly women. They make use of vertical hand looms in their homes and weave these to sell or trade, earning supplemental income at the same time as the lifestyle allows them to take care of their children.

Buying a Hammock

While buying a hammock, there are ways to ensure that it is of the best quality. One way of choosing the best is to smell the product. If the cotton smells fresh, it indicates that it was newly made and will last long. Also, open it before buying and check the spread and weaving for holes and other signs of damage. Make sure that it is woven tightly with no snags or pulls. Check the chords for even length and the knots to ensure tightness/tautness. If possible, also test the comfort by spending a few minutes on it. Buy the product only when fully satisfied. 

A hammock chair is the best way to relax outdoors. Purchase a style according to the level of comfort. There are different types of hammocks which can be used indoors and outdoors. Some types can also accommodate two people. Fortunately, whichever the style is desired, a suitable hammock can be easily found by shopping online and comparing prices and styles.