After many years of faithful service your traditional free standing electric oven and stove has finally broken down so what do you do? You have often admired the multitude of trendy modern stainless steel wall ovens while wandering around local retail stores but you walk away totally confused with what you see but know you need to replace your existing oven.

The following are some of the questions you need to ask yourself -
What style or model wall oven would best suit your requirements?
What are the main features should my new oven have?
What will be the total overall cost?

These are just some of the questions going through your head. Also if you are on a tight budget you will be mindful that some of the sleek wall ovens you have admired on display have very hefty price tags. There is also the question of how and where you are going to install a new wall oven in your kitchen and whether your kitchen cabinetry will be able to accommodate a new built in wall oven. Also it needs to be noted that as the old oven being replaced carried the basic stove elements on top then provision will need to be made for a set of durable easy clean ceramic cook tops to be bought and installed.

In some cases it may be necessary to remove existing cabinets so a new cabinet cavity can be installed to allow the installation of a wall oven and ceramic cook tops along with perhaps room for a stylish stainless steel canopy range hood. Any alterations that require installation or removal of cabinetry should be undertaken by a kitchen specialist installer or by engaging a qualified builder or carpenter to carry out the work. Homeowners have found that fitting a wall oven unit in a kitchen has the overall advantage of creating more space as it allows easy access to cookware and other utensils stored in cupboards either above or below the wall unit.

Choosing a single wall oven may be the best option and more than adequate if you only have to cater for 2 or 3 people. A double wall oven will cost a lot more but if you have large dinner parties or need to cook for large numbers of people then this type of oven would be preferable as it will have the features that will make your cooking experience a lot easier.

The total overall cost of buying and installing a built in wall oven therefore hinges on several factors such as renovation costs, whether existing cabinetry needs to be altered or installed by a tradesman and whether a single or double wall oven is preferred. Lastly, consideration will need to be given on the features the unit has as some wall ovens have just the basic features while some top of the range models can have a wide variety of modern state of the art features.