Filigree engagement rings are characterized by elaborate and delicate ornamental design made by hand. It started during the Edwardian era of the early 1900s and then reached its peak in Art Deco era from 1920s to 1930s. The detail in the design made it one of the most romantic style of engagement rings and artcarved wedding bands. The fact that these are handmade engagement rings is the primary reason it has regained a new found popularity in the modern times. Modern engagement rings thrive on sleekness and simplicity and most of it is made by machines. This is why filigree engagement rings are popular these days.

How to Spot the Real Filigree Engagement Rings


The main characteristic of Filigree engagement rings and artcarved wedding bands is the intricate metalwork. The patterns of handmade engagement rings are usually one of a kind and so detailed that it is impossible to find it in modern rings that are usually made by machines and are mass-produced.

Thickness of the Metal

Metals used are thick because cutting thin metals would be almost impossible. This means that it is the metal that makes a ring Filigree and not the stone.

Where to Find It

There aren't a lot modern Filigree Engagement rings around. The craftmanship required is so specialized that one authentic Filigree ring could worth as much as diamond ring.

Antique Shops

The best chance you have is to look for one in antique shops. If you know how to spot an authentic antique, then you should be okay in antique shops.

This is a site that was developed and launched by a guy who was ditched by the girl he just proposed marriage to. Left with nothing but an engagement ring, he decided to put up a site to try and sell the ring. It has grew since. Now, people who have wedding-related items that they want to sell can go to this site and sell their stuff. 

Unlike other sites, this one guarantees that all rings and other jewelries that are shipped to the customers are authentic because they screen it themselves. You can look for a Filigree ring here and be assured that whatever is shipped to you is authentic.

Etsy is a little more pricy that the first two options but since they are big, you get a bit more assurance that they sell authentic items. However, do keep in mind that they are just a reseller, they don't guarantee that you are getting what you are promised. They are just easier to find when you encounter problems because of their size.

How to Determine the Price

Remember that determining the value of antique artcarved wedding bands is different from determining the value of a modern jewellery.


The history of antique and age play a huge part in its price. Most of the jewelleries of the old days are not as finely cut as the modern ones because of their lack of technology that allows them the same glimmer than modern gems achieve. Diamonds, for example, are now cut by laser which allows it to achieve the greatest amount of shimmer. Antique diamonds were cut by hand so sizes vary and the quality of the cut also varies from diamond to diamond. Know, how old the ring is. The older it is, the more expensive it gets.


The more intricate the design, the harder it was to make, the more time spent on it, the higher the price. In the olden times, engagement rings and wedding rings were made to order. When you buy antique filigree engagement rings nowadays, that essentially means you are getting the craftsmanship for free.


Naturally, the stone (if there is any) plays a factor. Just remember that older handmade engagement rings are more expensive compared to a modern jewellery of the same carat.


A Filigree ring is a romantic style. This style became popular because of the very idea that there are no two rings that are alike. Each piece is unique and every woman likes feeling special.


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Old European Cut Filigree Engagement Ring With 1 Carat Diamond

Old European Cut Filigree Engagement Ring With 1 Carat Diamond